Gonzaga Basketball: Why you should love Mark Few

Mark Few may not be a household name, but he is a name known to any true basketball fan. Few is starting his fifteenth season as the Gonzaga basketball head coach. He is a celebrity around Spokane, Washington, and he has a true right to be, because of his ability to recruit, schedule, and win often.


Mark Few and his staff have recruited from everywhere. The team’s roster currently has players from Canada, Brazil, Poland, and Lithuania. He also has a fair amount of American players, but they are from all over the country.  He looks everywhere, and his hard work usually pays off.

Since he has been head coach, he has worked with many players who have moved on to play basketball after their college career. The three most successful players to do so during his coaching years, are Adam Morrison, who was chosen third overall in the NBA draft in 2006, Austin Daye 15th overall in 2009, and Kelly Olynyk 13th overall in 2013.


Over the past few years Few has been accused of not scheduling RPI boosting non-conference games for the Zags. This 2014-2015 season is going to be different. Few and his staff have organized meet ups between University of Arizona in Arizona, Southern Methodist University and UCLA at Gonzaga.  Two of the three teams are predicted to be ranked above Gonzaga in the AP Top 25 poll at the beginning of the 2014- 2015 basketball season. If the Zags can hold their own in all three of these crucial games, Mark Few might have one of his best and most successful years as head coach for the Zags.

Gonzaga basketball: The biggest games of 2014-2015


Few has been the only Gonzaga men’s basketball coach to play in the McCarthy Athletic Center (The Kennel) since it opened in 2004. In the time that he has been the head coach at Gonzaga, the team’s home winning record has been astonishing. Mark Few and the Zags have had a crazy home record of 137-9 with a home winning percentage of 93.84%. This is the best in all of Men’s Division I.

Few also holds an impressive total game record of 403-100 (80.1%). He has one of the highest winning percentages of active division one coaches.


Since Mark Few has been coach, the Zags have won the West Coast Conference (WCC) Regular Season Championship every year except since 2001 except 2012. The Zags have also won the WCC Tournament Championship 11 times since Few took the coaching position. He has also been named WCC Coach of the Year nine times since becoming Gonzaga’s head coach.

Few and the Zags have punched their cards to the NCAA Tournament every year since Few has been coach. The furthest the team has ever gone with Few is to the Sweet Sixteen.

Mark Few also broke a record for the Zags during the 2013-2014 season, for the first time ever, the Zags were ranked #1 in the country by the AP Top 25. The Zags were then later given a one seed in the NCAA Tournament that same year.


Mark Few is still a young guy- he is currently 51. The players he recruits love him, and Gonzaga fans do too. The Zags wouldn’t be where they are if it wasn’t for his leadership, patience, and love for the game. This coming season will be tough for the team, but with Few at the helm, the Zags have a good chance of having their best season to date.