Denver Nuggets: Trades, not free agents, would change roster

As teams start to mix and match their rosters with free agency beginning, don’t expect the Denver Nuggets to get to involved in the free agency pool.

The Denver Nuggets already have 13 players under contract this summer, thus making it difficult for GM Tim Connelly to actively pursue any free agent. The Nuggets are already either close to or at the salary cap projected for the 2014-2015 season. The only offer the Nuggets could make to a free agent is the veteran minimum which is around two-three million per year. At best, this signing would be a bench guy, not nearly the excitement other teams fans are experiencing with free agent possibilities.  If Nuggets fans are looking for some type of change in the roster, the only possible way would be through a trade.

Tim Connelly has repeatedly announced that he is answering the phones for any team that wants to discuss trade options. A lot of teams including the Nuggets are looking to cut back on their team’s salary so teams are basically begging other teams to take on contracts. The Nuggets could find themselves involved in a few possible trade scenarios.

The rumor that constantly keeps getting brought up for the Nuggets is the possibility of getting Minnesota Timberwolves’s power forward Kevin Love. The reoccurring players that are getting thrown into this trade situation is Denver trading Kenneth Faried, Danillo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, and two first round picks for Kevin Love. While this excites Denver fans to hear their team possibly getting a big time name, I see this trade having about a 20% chance of happening.


Could Kevin Love be in a Denver Nuggets uniform next year? Not likely

First, Minnesota is going to take their time and see what’s the best possible return they would get for Love. After hearing what other teams are giving the T-Wolves in return, I’m not sure Denver’s offer is the best. Second it makes no sense for the Nuggets to do this trade. Love wants to be in a big market and Denver isn’t that for basketball. It doesn’t make sense for the Nuggets to give up so much just to rent a superstar. Realistically it’d be no different that the Andre Iguodala situation in which Denver fans did not take kindly to him leaving. Love could be no different.

However, Denver could find themselves being the 3rd team in a three team deal. Denver would be added as the third team to make sure that financially the trade works. You could see a situation where a big contract like JaVale McGee, Danillo Gallinari, or Wilson Chandler gets shipped to another team. This would be an amazing accomplishment if Connelly could wipe one of those contracts off the books, with likely suitor to leave being Wilson Chandler (hos contract is the smallest of the three).

The Denver Nuggets this offseason are pretty much already set on their team and it’s only July 3. They feel with the additions of Aaron Afflalo, injured players from last year, and the rookies will be enough to improve on last year’s disappointing season.

  • Ert Nitram

    I love my Denver Nuggets, but sometimes I get the feeling that our management and our city accepts mediocrity. The Nuggets projected starting lineup will win some games when other teams have an off-night, but how do they stack against Portland, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Phoenix, Golden State, LA Clippers or OKC? That’s 8 teams that are better than us and there are only 8 playoff spots each year. We need better ownership — more aggressive ownership — who are willing to recruit and spend money and get big name players!