Temple basketball: Why Quenton DeCosey is poised to break out

The title of this article may have taken some people by surprise, but I’m expecting big things from DeCosey this year.

Many fans believe that new players like Jaylen Bond, Obi Enechionyia, and Devin Coleman will be the players who are going to do big things for Temple this year. While I think all three of them are going to have big years, I think DeCosey has the chance to emerge as the leader of this team.

The shooting guard is a pure athlete and he still has yet to show that to fans. He has a very unique shot that will hopefully get more consistent as his experience grows.

There is no question that he has the potential to be a star on this team, just as Khalif Wyatt was in the 2012-13 season.

Speaking of Wyatt, his first two years as an Owl were noticeably similar to DeCosey’s first two years with Temple. In Wyatt’s freshman season he averaged under two minutes and under one point per game.

DeCosey played about seven minutes and averaged just under two minutes per game in his freshman season. Of course DeCosey, a natural scorer, wouldn’t play much with scoring guards like Wyatt and Scootie Randall both in their senior seasons. Wyatt’s sophomore year saw a big increase in production. The Norristown native earned over 20 minutes per game, shot 47 percent from the floor, and averaged 10 points per game.

Wyatt didn’t get the playing time DeCosey did in his sophomore season. DeCosey averaged 15.4 points per game and shot 41% from the floor in over 36 minutes per game. Wyatt wasn’t considered a leader of the team in his sophomore year as DeCosey was last season, which is why DeCosey saw so many more minutes.

In his final two years at Temple, Wyatt saw more and more time as he eventually broke out as a top player in his senior season. He was the Atlantic 10 Player of the Year and helped Temple almost knock off Indiana, a top seed, in the NCAA Tournament as the country was watching.

DeCosey is about to get his time to shine this year.

His main weakness are mainly mental, in my opinion. He needs to read the court better and improve his decision making skills. I’ve seen DeCosey pass the ball when he should’ve taken a shot, and taken a shot when he should’ve dished it out. His natural athleticism will help him be great once he reads the court a little better.

The Union, NJ native is a long wing player who can drive the rim and keep his defenders guessing as he can pull up for a jump shot at any time. He is a great finisher not only on the drive but in transition as well.

Not only does added experience make me believe DeCosey will have a big year, but the massive increase in talent around him should help his as well.

Jaylen Bond and Obi Enechionyia both will take some pressure away from DeCosey, something Anthony Lee struggled to do last year. Bond’s big physical presence down low and Obi’s ability to get the ball near the rim should create much more space for DeCosey. More space allows him to have more time to decide what he wants to do with the ball.

Will Cummings at point guard in his senior season should give DeCosey a lot of open looks, giving him the chance to shoot better from long distance.

While Bond is expected to be the star of the Owls this year; Fans shouldn’t look past DeCosey to lead the team in points per game and hopefully make the Cherry and White a conference contender in 2014-15.

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