Denver Nuggets: Free agent targets

No there is no possible way that the Nuggets will get Lebron James, so lets just get that out of the way. They can also not get Carmelo Anthony back either, so with those fans out there with a little bit of hope, I’m sorry to ruin it for you. The Nuggets do not have the money to spend on any big free agents since they are already over the cap by more than $6.5 million.

After the trade for Arron Afflalo, there are no real needs for the Nuggets. They had what they needed in place last year but were unable to get anything done with all of the injuries. They are set to show to Brian Shaw what they can do, and if its not what he wants then expect them to make a couple moves next year, but for now the needs are just not there. If any new free agent additions are to be added to the team, which at this point in time is unlikely, these are the one they should target.

James Johnson, SF/PF

Johnson averaged 18.5 minutes coming off the bench last year for the Memphis Grizzlies. He opened up a little bit last season averaging 8.5 points per game before the all star break, and could be a strong bench player for the Nuggets. His salary was around $2.8 million last year, and because he played well he is looking for a little bit of a raise, which would be a reason for the Nuggets not to get him. A qualifying offer for Johnson would be around $3.9 million, which would put the team way over where they want to be salary wise. His length would help Denver with their defense, something that was lacking last year, but that’s a lot of money just for a little bit of help. Johnson also has some off the court issues, being arrested this summer for domestic violence which could cause a suspension at the beginning of the year.

Dante Cunningham, SF


Dante Cunningham

Cunningham has some baggage going into this off season, as he was also arrested on domestic assault charges in April. He could serve jail time, and will get suspended at the start of the season, which puts a damper on any team looking at him. Cunningham would be a cheaper than Johnson would be, having a $2.18 million team option currently, but he wont offer as much to the team as Johnson would. He isn’t as big, and doesn’t have the defensive ability that Johnson has. With the little cap space that the Nuggets have on their team, Cunningham could help out


Nick Young

Nick Young, SG/SF

Young is a scorer, something that every team could use. He averaged 17.9 points per game last year, but he is going to be expensive at more than the $5.6 million he made last year. The Nuggets also have multiple scorers already in his position, just signing Afflalo, and having Danilo Gallinari and Randy Foye. Young will be an asset to any team, so I hope they make an effort, but its a stretch at this point.

  • M Madden

    Cody, I bet you 99% of Nuggets fans don’t want Carmelo anywhere near a Nuggets uni, so you aren’t ruining anything…and personally I’d rather watch the Nuggets beat LeBron, than have him on the team.