New York Giants: 2014 training camp preview

New York Giants

Timex Performance Center

With the start of July training camp is finally becoming a reality for the New York Giants and their fans. We’re still a few weeks away but with that, cue the slew of roster breakdowns and thoughts on who is actually going to make the 53-man team. I’m definitely going to break down the players but for now I’m going to fill you in on what to expect and the ins and outs of training camp.

The players will report to training camp on July 21 and the first practice will be held July 22. The site of camp is at Timex Performance Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Don’t go on for directions or information because the page hasn’t been updated since 2012 and you would end up at the University at Albany. Training camp is open to the public and is completely free to attend.

Training camp is where were going to see the rookies and the veterans fight to make the team. At the end this is when the roster goes from 90 to 53. Camp is basically where you try out for the team. Mini camp and everything else was their chance to gel together and get a feel for how the Giants work and now they know what they have to do to make the team. Training camp is an exciting time because nobody holds back. These men are going to play their absolute hardest because their lives as Giants are on the line.

The addition of players though still might not be over. Currently there are talented players who have yet to be picked up and this can occur before or during training camp. Specifically for the Giants, if they still have difficulty locking down a starting tight end they can still pull from free agency. They can invite a person to camp and see how things go; the option is always there. This looming opportunity can be make or break for the men fighting, so the pressure to keep their game at 100 percent is critical.

Training camp is followed up by five preseason games to get the ball rolling. These games are going to give us insight on how the regular season could potentially go. This is the time they reveal all of their hard work and we’ll finally get a true look at Ben McAdoo’s offensive strategies and hopefully it will be a massive improvement to what we have become accustom to. The first game is on Sunday, August 3, at Fawcett Stadium in Ohio against the Buffalo Bills. The game begins at 8PM and can be

New York Giants


watched on NBC.

Game two is Saturday, August 9,7:30PM, against the Pittsburg Steelers at Metlife.

Game three, Saturday, August 16 at 7PM, against Indianapolis Colts, in Indianapolis at Lucus Oil Stadium.

Game four will be a matchup of both New York teams. The New York Giants and Jets will be facing off at home Friday, August 22 at 7:30PM.

The last game of preseason is on Thursday, August 28 at Metlife Stadium. The Giants will be versing the New England Patriots at 7:30PM.

All of training camp and preseason is practice for the first regular season game against the Detroit Lions September 8. The team will be set and it’ll be time to make moves that will bring them to playoffs. Every step the Giants take along the way is in preparation to be the best and make their way to the end. This round of training camp should be a good one so I’ll keep you posted on what’s to come.