New York Giants: Stevie Brown back from torn ACL

New York Giants

Stevie Brown 2013 ACL tear

Injuries in the NFL are a dime a dozen. New York Giants fans unfortunately have seen their fair share of players sidelined and we always hope for a speedy recovery and the same or better quality of playing once returned. According to Stevie Brown, that’s half the case for him.

Brown suffered a tear in his ACL during a 2013 preseason game against the Jets and surgery was needed to repair the knee. Brown was unfortunately sidelined for the entire season but claims he’s ready to return to the NFL. Brown is expected to be back and ready for training camp, which begins July 21. His knee is fully healed and according to Brown “I trust it 100 percent.”

The fire to be back at top shape was lit when safety Will Hill was released from the team. With another competitor removed from the equation, Brown has better chances to regain the safety position. If all goes according to plan he will be back at it playing opposite of Antrel Rolle.

The other safety that normally takes a back seat is Cooper Taylor. Taylor was drafted in 2013 and is an asset to special teams but will continue to develop while the veterans battle it out for the starting spots.

ACL injuries in most cases are difficult to come back from and most people do not come back as strong as they were previously. Training camp is going to put Brown’s knee to the test and will determine if his quickness and cutting ability is still on point. In this sport time and time again we see players crash and burn and end up cut from the team.

Brown was a major asset to the 2012 squad, breaking the Giants franchise single-season record with 307 interception return yards. He also had eight interceptions, two forced fumbles and 76 tackles by the time the season was completed. He was originally a replacement for Kenny Phillips, coincidentally for an “unhealthy knee.” Brown took on the position and shortly after was awarded the National Football Conference Defensive Player of the Week. Luckily he was resigned in March so that’s a good sign that the Giants want to give him another shot and see what he can do.

Brown has yet to take a hit or even touch the field. He has been going through the painful process of rehab but believes he has healed well. He just needs to take the field and play to see where he’s truly at. Exercises are well and good but nothing compares to the real thing.

Getting Brown back on the field would improve the Giants secondary ten fold. Brown had and hopefully still has the ability to maneuver the field with an overwhelming presence. With the combination of Antrel Rolle and Brown, the odds of failure are looking slim. Brown still has time to rehab the knee until training camp begins in July. Camp will be our first look at what he has accomplished and if what he says is true. Hopefully the year of down time did him good.