New York Mets: Murphy headed to first All Star Game

The New York Mets only have one All Star selection this season, and it is not the person that many fans across the country would have guessed. It’s not David Wright or Curtis Granderson, the veterans who have been there before. Instead it’s Daniel Murphy headed to Minnesota.

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Daniel Murphy earned his first career All Star selection and is the Mets’ only representative

And this is the best scenario because Murphy certainly deserves it. He’s been the Mets’ best player so far this season and has shown over the last three years that he can hit consistently. He may not be the best defensive second basemen but that’s not what the people want to see in an All Star Game nor is it where he is most valuable. They want offense and Murphy is capable of providing that, no matter the opponent.

Despite a recent slump, Murphy is still hitting .294 and is near the top of the majors in hits. Nobody on the roster has played in more games than Murphy and no full time player has hit better or more consistently.

To go along with a near .300 batting average, Murphy has 7 home runs, 35 RBI and 11 stolen bases. Last season was his best in the majors and he is on pace to at least match if not surpass those numbers this year.

Murphy will be coming off the bench on July 15, something he isn’t used to as a guy who missed only one game last season, but he certainly deserves this honor and the chance to show what he can do on the national stage.

For a guy who didn’t have a position for years, it’s been a long and mostly successful journey.

Something else that the All Star Game can offer, is a chance for the Mets to showcase Murphy. The team have been very quiet about what they want to do in terms of the trade deadline, but Murphy’s name has been thrown around, mainly because of his steadily increasing value. Every team will now have the chance to watch him play as well as are aware of the kind of caliber player he is.

It’s safe to say he’s having a pretty good year. He saw the birth of his first child, was invited to speak at the White House and now has made his first All Star Game. Keep an eye for number 28 coming off the bench on July 15 to help the National League get back on the winning track.