Detroit Tigers trade rumors: Joakim Soria edition

Joakim_Soria_on_July_10,_2013With just about three and a half weeks left until the trade deadline, the Detroit Tigers are looking for answers to a bullpen that is still questionable. The Tigers’ pen ranks 28th in all of baseball in total ERA and is the Achilles heel of their World Series title hopes.

Texas Rangers closer Joakim Soria could be that answer to provide some stability to a Tigers’ bullpen that has been anything but.

At 30 years old, Soria has a lot of experience that could fare well for the Tigers as they look to address the issues looming around the bullpen.

Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski has been on record saying that they are actively looking to trade for help in the middle of that bullpen. Even with the struggles of current Tigers’ closer Joe Nathan, Dombrowski and Tigers’ manager Brad Ausmus have stated that they are going to stick with the 39-year-old pitcher.

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Bringing in Soria, however, could be another option to close out games for the Tigers if Nathan continues to struggle.

Soria currently has an ERA of 2.76 and has 16 saves this season on 17 attempts. That is a much better average than Nathan who has 17 saves on 22 opportunities. Soria would not be asked to come in and be the closer right away and would most likely be put into that seventh or eighth inning role, being rotated with current relief pitcher Joba Chamberlain, who currently is the Tigers’ setup man in the bullpen.

If Nathan can find his grove however, the Tigers could be in business.

While the Tigers’ starting rotation has been up and down this season, they would still be considered one of the best in the game as far as pedigree is concerned. If Ausmus can get six good innings out of the rotation with, then go with a combination of Soria, Chamberlain, and Nathan, it could be scary for opposing teams in the playoffs.

For the Rangers, they are on the verge of throwing in the towel as they have a record of 38-51 and currently sit in fourth place in the American League West where the top two teams are the Oakland Athletics and the Los Angeles Angels.

In order to make a trade happen, the Tigers would have to be willing to give up a few top prospects in the farm system which I am sure they are OK with doing in order to get Soria in a Detroit uniform.

With the Rangers potentially being one of the teams that could be selling, and the Tigers are a team that is looking to buy and their first purchase this season could involve Soria.

  • Tigerstalk_fan

    Ryan, I really like Soria and even thought the Tigers should have signed him before the 2013 season, but Texas did it. I believe he could be the answer to the closer role, not just this season. And I hope Dave Dombrowski pulls the trigger on this one. However, at least for this season, I don’t have the confidence everyone else seems to have in the Tigers’ starting staff. At times, the rotation looks like a world beater. Then, there are other times, like the recent Tampa Bay Rays series where other great pitchers and a buzz saw offense that doesn’t have thumpers comes in and has its way with “the best starting staff in the A.L.” While starting pitching is a strength it hasn’t been consistent enough to not at times become a weakness. They are fickle! That’s why I am for further bolstering the Tigers’ starting pitching consistency. Now I am not the only one who would like to see the Tigers go out and trade for Cliff Lee at the deadline. A sportswriter for the Newark Star-Ledger wrote yesterday that Tigers could one of the destinations where Lee could end up. Some people may say this is silly, but take a look at this. If Lee becomes part of the rotation, Smyly is moved to the bullpen, bolstering the team’s relief corps, you still have Hanrahan on the farm. You could probably get Lee cheaper than say a Benoit because Lee is owed $50 million for the next two seasons and Philly wants a salary dump. And if you do it, you just solved the Max problem for a lot less money and years–I’d rather pay $50 million for 2 years than $175 to $200 million for 8 years, or even $144 million for 6 years. Those 2 years are the window the the Tigers have to win and the $100 million you saved can be spent on other holes the Team has over the next two years.

    • Ryan

      You made a lot good points there! The thought of even getting a starter and putting Smyly back in the bullpen is one option.