Denver Nuggets should add a point guard

If the Denver Nuggets are going to make a splash, or for that matter any noise in the free agency pool, the position they need to look for is a third point guard.

If the Nuggets are looking to add a free agent to the current roster the viable spot would be another one guard. It would benefit Denver to have a situation like they did last year when they had three productive point guards in Ty Lawson, Nate Robinson, and Aaron Brooks.

The Nuggets lacked depth at the point guard position last year. Robinson went down in December with a torn ACL, Lawson was in and out of the line-up with his own injuries and Andre Miller was still in Brian Shaw’s doghouse. At the trade deadline they added their third point by acquiring Brooks to add much needed depth and production at the point guard position, something they must do again heading into next year.

The Nuggets lack stability and depth at the position; the current two point guards are Ty Lawson and Nate Robinson. Lawson is coming off an injury plagued year where he played only 62 games. Robinson is coming off ACL surgery and recovery and really should be listed as a two guard who can handle the ball. If one of these two goes down (especially Lawson) then the Nuggets will be relying on guys like Robinson and Randy Foye in a spot they aren’t fully comfortable with.  That’s why the Nuggets should look to get another point guard if they are to spend money in the off-season, for insurance purposes if Robinson or Lawson were to go down again.

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Unfortunately the Nuggets money is on a tight leash with the salary cap. Right now the predicted salary cap for the 2014-15 season is right around $70 million, which is where the Nuggets are at. The Nuggets only have about a couple of million to spend (roughly 3-5 depending on the player). Options now become limited with price so lets take a look at who they could possibly pick up.

Aaron Brooks (29), PG Aaron  Brooks

Brooks (to the right) was acquired last year by the Nuggets at the trade deadline. He came in and contributed right away, even starting the final dozen games or so. The Nuggets would like to have him back- he was a key contributing reason to the their late season success. Brooks is taking his time to see what other types of offers he can rack up before making a decision. If he has nothing the Nuggets could resign him for cheap.

Luke Ridnour (33), PG

Ridnour was on a pretty decent team in the Charlotte Bobcats (now Hornets) last season. He averaged 5 points and 3 assists last season. The numbers don’t excite people but one thing the Hornets’ staff admired about Ridnour was his leadership, something that has been missing in Denver since Chauncey Billups left.

Kirk Hinrich (33), PG

It feels like Hinrich’s been in the league for decades, yet he’s only 33. He’s a guy who’s been around the block and been on successful teams in the past and would provide leadership and professionalism for the younger guys. He will get looks from other teams and his price range might
be a bit high for Denver, but if he were to still be available later on in free agency he’s not a bad one to throw money at.


  • Juan Diablo

    Good article, but I would like to counter point and say that I think they should add a young PG at the league minimum. This team isn’t going anywhere, so why add payroll for an aging veteran? Connolly (Bickerstaff jr) is butchering the teams finances and ignoring the fact that high lottery picks are the answer. Slash payroll, lose games, draft well, win before lottery picks leave to big market team, repeat…