Chicago Cubs trade rumors: Starlin Castro edition

One of the best young shortstops in the game of baseball today and a cornerstoneĀ of the franchise. The owner of 794 career hits at the age of 24 and a career .282 hitter.

A soon to be three time All-Star after being selected to the mid-summer classic by the coaches earlier this week. Yet after the acquisition of top shortstop prospect Addison Russell, he may be the player that gets moved to make room.

Starlin Castro is one of the most exciting and yet still head scratching players in the major leagues. He can make an extremely difficult play look relatively easy and come back on the next play and botch a routine groundball. One of the best hitting shortstops in all of baseball and despite the mental lapses he has in the field, is someone that most any team would love to have playing shortstop everyday.

We are a week removed from the blockbuster trade that was made by the Chicago Cubs and Oakland Athletics thatĀ sent Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel to Oakland for top prospects Billy McKinney and the aforementioned Russell. With the acquisition of Russell, that means there is now a log jam at the shortstop position in the Cubs organization. Castro is at the major league level with the organization’s top prospect Javier Baez in Triple-A and now the acquisition of Russell makes that three ultra talented players playing the same position.

Of the three players, Castro would seem to be the easiest to trade as he has already been in the majors for three years and is still only 24 years old. Teams around the league have been able to see what kind of talent he is and how he will produce at the major league level which can not be said about Baez and Russell. Castro’s trade value has gone back up as he is having a very good year after the struggle that it was a year ago.

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The thought for the Cubs in any trade involving Samardzija or Hammel was that they wanted premium pitching in return. They obviously did not acquire the pitching they were seeking, however this could have worked out just as well. This gives them the ability to shop Castro and see if they can acquire some top pitching prospects in return. An ideal trading partner could be the New York Mets, as they have a glaring hole at shortstop and the Cubs have a surplus of shortstops. The Mets are also loaded with young pitching talent such as Zack Wheeler and Noah Syndergaard to name a few.

If the Cubs want to trade Castro, they are in a great position to do so and would most likely be able to acquire the premium pitching that the organization has been seeking. Trading Castro may be a difficult idea to fathom, however it may be what the Cubs need in order to further develop the vision that the front office has in mind. Whether he is traded or not, the Cubs seem to be in a great position for the future.

  • SummontheStorms .

    I don’t like trading a premium bat for pitching prospects. Pitchers are so injury and bust prone that you never know what you’re getting. I’d rather build a staff out of veteran reclamation projects, there is a lot less downside. If they do trade Castro they need to get a king’s ransom in top prospects for a three time all star who is only 24.

  • JB

    Trade Castro, I think Alcantara can play SS. With Castro’s contract being reasonable, the FO should be able to ransom. I don’ t think Castro is the guy moving forward, and you may as well sell because his stock will never be higher.

    • Mario Salamanca

      JB, I agree with you that Castro’s stock is very high at this point, however I feel that Russell would be the heir apparent although Alcantara could also be a possibility as he was originally a shortstop.

  • Robert Patreus

    Castro is the classic solid hitter yet error-prone fielder. I agree with Mario’s analysis, he may be shopped for a couple of top pitching prospects, when either Baez or Addison is ready for the move to the big club…What a huge improvement from the previous GM, Hendry, who was incompetent…Milton Bradley, Soriano, Zambrano, etc.
    Am excited about 2016 and beyond…Go Cubs!
    P.S.: Kris Bryant looks to be a ‘Beast’!

  • James

    Kris Bryant is better than all of them. Where does he go? If they can get a couple of stud arms for Castro, they should go for it

  • Trevor

    I think that all three could play on the team. Castro has the range to make the move to third, Russell will stay at shortstop, and Baez will make the move to second base. I don’t know about you, but that just sounds like a stacked infield. Alcantara can always move to centerfield as he has proven he can play outfield at Triple-A and has made a good first impression so far at the majors. I don’t see Castro being moved this year.

    • Ian Shilhanek

      except kris bryant at third.

      • Guest

        There have been talks of Bryant moving to outfield.

        • George Gray

          there has been talk about that, but after drafting Schwarber, you now have Kyle Schwarber playing left field and moving up as quickly as Bryant did last year. Jorge Soler is the future right fielder, and Bryant is not a center fielder. I would not be surprised if Theo made some additional trades involving Valbuena, Castro, Baez, Barney, or Junior Lake.

          • Ian Shilhanek

            and then Olt at third? lol no.

          • George Gray

            who said Olt at third? Trevor said Castro to third, and I was making a case for Bryant staying at third vs. moving him to left field since Schwarber is already being groomed to play there. As far as Olt goes, if he could get his average up to .230-.240, then I would consider him at third. He has a great glove, and will hit 35-40 homers if he is batting .230 It all depends on whether or not they think Schwarber can catch. Having a lineup with Bryant, Baez, Castro, Olt, Alcantara, Soler, and Schwarber would be insane…

            We would probably lead the league in homeruns, runs scored, and strikeouts.