Mexico Soccer: Enigmatic Jonathan Dos Santos emerges from the shadows


Jonathan Dos Santos has finally made his exit from spanish giants Barcelona, after 5 years of lying in obscurity, Dos Santos has resurfaced aboard the yellow submarine Villarreal to revive his career.

Playing alongside his brother Giovani will most certainly boost his confidence, after a deficiency of playing time in the first division.

Since first signing with Barcelona in 2009 Dos Santos has had a very limited role in the Catalan squad, with the likes of Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez peeking in their prime there was very little chance for Dos Santos to break through.

Dos Santos remained loyal to Barcelona and awaited his chance to shine with the Blaugrana, but that day never came. Barcelona is a high caliber club, so it seemed foolish to migrate away, but that loyalty may have cost Dos Santos years and years of damage.

Being a student to some of the most majestic midfielders in the world was a golden opportunity for Dos Santos, but the inhability to implement the skills learned seemed to only debilitate to the young Mexican midfielders growth.

Coming off of an injury it is uncertain what shape Dos Santos finds himself in at the moment. Many El Tri fans called for him to return to the national team not being aware of his current form. Few have even seen Dos Santos play but  tend to recognize the fact that he is was part of one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Joining El Tri is still ever so far away, but having joined Villarreal this summer has sparked a grain of hope.

Joining Villarreal might have been the smartest decision Dos Santos could have made for his career. Older brother Giovani will most certainly mentor him, after having experienced some of the same club dillemas as his brother.

Its time for Dos Santos to emerge from the shadows and rid himself of his enigmatic presence in football.