Germany: Deservedly World Cup champions

Manuel Neuer was named the best goalkeeper at the 2014 World Cup.

Germany have been the best team at the 2014 World Cup and are deservedly champions after beating Argentina 1-0 in extra-time, thanks to a goal from Mario Gotze’s.  Although Argentina had chances to win the game, it is fitting that Germany won the World Cup because they were the most complete team, and they put in the most exciting performances.

Most of the hype surrounding the World Cup Final has focused on Lionel Messi fulfilling his destiny, but he was left a bystander as Germany showed that skillful players playing as a team is more important than individual brilliance.  One of the biggest strengths of the German team is that they play together as one, not relying on one player to win them the game.  Most of the teams that they faced were the opposite of that, they had one player that the squad’s hopes were pinned on.  Portugal has Cristiano Ronaldo, Argentina has Messi, and Brazil has Neymar. There is no doubting the skill of each of the named individuals, but they had to make up for squads that were not nearly on the same level as them.  When Brazil didn’t have Neymar they were torn apart and looked lost for inspiration when they needed to mount a comeback.  In comparison, Germany had the most complete squad at the tournament, and they dominated teams that relied on individuals, which makes them fitting World Cup champions.

Thomas Mueller already has 10 World Cup goals, despite only being 24 years old.

In addition to having the most complete squad, Germany also had the best performances, and scored a total of 18 goals.  They only conceded four goals on their way to winning the trophy and their goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer, was recognized with the tournament’s Golden Glove.  Although there were some other brilliant results, such as the Netherlands beating Spain 5-1, or Costa Rica beating Uruguay 3-1, Germany consistently performed well and have some fantastic results to look back on, such as beating Portugal 4-1, or humiliating Brazil 7-1.  The performances that they put in showed that they are truly the best team at the World Cup.  They have been rewarded fittingly for their talent and German fans will be confident of continued success in their future.

German fans can be confident of continued success and will be eagerly eyeing Euro 2016.  The nucleus of their squad is still in their early twenties, and in 2016 they will be starting to hit their prime. Although they will be losing experienced players, such as record goal-scorer, Miroslav Klose, Germany will be confident that their squad will be even better than it was this year.  Marco Reus missed the tournament through injury, whereas young players, like Julian Draxler, will be expecting to make more of an impact at future tournaments.  Another benefit for the German team is that a lot of their players play domestically and for the Bundesliga’s biggest clubs.  Six of the players that started for Germany in the Final play for Germany’s biggest club, Bayern Munich.  Nine of the starting eleven played in last year’s Champions League.  This means that the nucleus of Germany’s team is getting experience at the biggest level, as well as getting experience playing with each other, which is part of why they looked so natural playing together.

Germany deserved to win the World Cup because they were the best team at the tournament.  They played as a team and were the most exciting team to watch because they were the most complete team.  Although they are guaranteed to celebrate their success for now, they will definitely be looking forward to future tournaments because the future of German football is bright.

  • Jayjc08

    I was really disappointed to see both teams play so flat in the final. Although Gotze’s goal was a very difficult finish, it was still on a fast break 2 on 3 scenario where Argentina was just left with a deer-in-headlights surprise as they didn’t even present a physical challenge marking him.

    But you are right that Germany was the best suitor to win- while I think Messi is brilliant, the rest of the team had few flashes of talent. Germany has played consistently well and looks comfortable on the field with each other. Their young age will play well in future contests.

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