Kansas City Chiefs: Predicting the Chiefs’ record

The Kansas City Chiefs made huge leaps and strides last year making it to the playoffs after being the worst team in the NFL last year. This year they do not need to make huge strides, but they do need to make one of them in order to get to the next level.

A bit premature maybe, but something that Chiefs fans have been predicting since the schedules came out.

September 7th vs Titans: Look for the Chiefs to come out in week one in front of one of the best fan bases, in one of the best stadiums in the league, and get a decisive victory over a Titans team that will be much improved but will have a long way to go.

Chiefs 28 Titans 17

September 14th at Denver: Chiefs fans won’t have to wait long to see how their team stacks up against the best of the best. The Chiefs travel to Denver right away and this is a good thing, a great thing actually- get this game out of the way early.

Do not look for a win here, but look for the Chiefs to show what they have and play well, coming up short at Mile High.

Denver 31 Chiefs 21

September 21st at Miami: The Dolphins, much like the Titans, will be an improved team, but with Jamaal Charles and company coming to town look for the Chiefs to get the bounce back game they need after coming up short at Denver.

Chiefs 35 Dolphins 17

September 29th vs New England: After a two game road stint the Chiefs will return home to Arrowhead for their first prime time game of the year vs Tom Brady and company.

Look for this to be a high scoring game and expect to see Jamaal Charles really get after the Patriots defense. Prime time game in Arrowhead means only one thing, a Chiefs victory.

Chiefs 31 Patriots 28

October 5th at San Francisco: The return. No not Peyton Manning to Indy or LeBron to Cleveland, but Alex Smith to his old home in San Fran. Look for the Chiefs to be feeling good coming into this game but not have en0ugh gas for this one.

Do not look for Smith to be shaken coming home to the 49ers as he is not that type of player, Smith will play composed and under control not forcing anything and will have a solid game in a loss that will get away from them in the 2nd half.

49ers 28 Chiefs 17

Bye week in week 6

October 19th at San Diego: Big time game coming off a bye week, this will be only their second game against a division opponent at this point in the year and look for them to assert their will against the Chargers.

San Diego looks to compete for a wild card spot this year behind the Broncos, but that would mean getting above the Chiefs, and that just does not look like it will be happening this year. Look for the Chiefs to go to San Diego and win in a close one.

Chiefs 24 Chargers 17

October 26th vs St.Louis: Sam Bradford and company will look to come to Arrowhead needing a win against the Chiefs to stay alive in their division with San Fran and Seattle both running away with it. They will not get it against a Chiefs team that will know this is one of those games that they must win in order to keep pace with Denver.

Chiefs 31 Rams 14

November 2nd vs Jets: Much like the Rams game, the Chiefs will look at this one as a game they need to win; they must win the games on the schedule against the teams they are supposed to beat. Andy Reid and company get another lesser opponent coming to town in the Jets and will once again grab the victory.

Chiefs 24 Jets 10

November 9th at Buffalo: Not too long ago I might have picked the Bills at home. With the recent catastrophic injury to the heart and soul of this young Bills team in Kiko Alonso, the Chiefs will travel to Buffalo feeling confident in their recent success and pull out a closer than expected game against a scrappy Bills team.

Chiefs 21 Bills 17

November 16th vs Seattle: The Super Bowl champions travel to arrowhead for a matchup between two of the league’s best running backs. This is another opportunity for the Chiefs to measure up against the best in the league, but like the first time look for them to fall just short as the Seahawks prove to be too much.

Seattle 24 Chiefs 14

Charles vs Lynch, who will prevail as the top dog

Charles vs Lynch, who will prevail as the top dog

November 20th at Oakland: The Chiefs will travel out to Oakland Thursday night and unleash all of that anger they have from the week before and lay down a beat down on the Raiders. Short weeks are great coming off a loss barring injuries; get out there and get it out of your system quickly.

Chiefs 35 Raiders 17

November 30th vs Denver: Getting a few extra days rest will help the Chiefs get healthy this late in the season and get ready for the aerial attack from Peyton Manning and company. Look for Andy Reid to pull out a few extra tricks in this game and shock the nation with a very tough win against the division-leading Broncos.

Chiefs 28 Broncos 24

December 7th at Arizona: Bruce Arians will have the Cardinals as one of the top sleeper teams in the league this year and will prove to be too much at home for the Chiefs. After exerting so much energy the week before in such an important game look for the Chiefs to have a minor slip up in Arizona.

Arizona 31 Chiefs 17

December 14th vs Oakland: Once again look for the Chiefs to come off a loss and make Oakland feel their pain. The Raiders will travel out to KC in the hostile conditions of December and play well, but not well enough.

Chiefs 17 Raiders 14

December 21st at Pittsburgh: The Steelers were not the Steelers last year as they were an extremely mediocre team that did not pose a threat to any of the top teams. That will not be the case this year and the Chiefs will find out the hard way as they travel to face off against the Steel Curtain, in a big game the Chiefs will fall short against a rebounded and re-energized Steelers team

Steelers 24 Chiefs 14

December 28th vs San Diego: Welcome home Brandon Flowers…. with a bombarding of passes to Dwayne Bowe. The Chiefs might just need this game to secure their spot as AFC West champions or for the wild card depending how things shape up, either way look for the Chiefs to come out and play fast and play hard.

Chiefs 31 Chargers 24

Final record prediction 11-5

Kansas City Chiefs: Biggest post-draft hole

Many are sleeping on this Kansas City Chiefs team saying that they were handed their schedule last year and this year they will prove to be mediocre with a tougher schedule. I do not see that being the case.

With Andy Reid at the helm and playmakers like Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry to name a few this team is too talented to win fewer than 10 games. Look for a 10-11 win season this year and a playoff berth.

  • VAChiefsFan42

    Hey Leper!! I am with you game-for-game with the exception of either Arizona or Pittsburgh — I believe we will one or maybe both of these games… Arizona clearly is on the rise – but Pissburgh is not what it used to be… The interesting thing this season is that the Chiefs have a legitimate chance to contend in every game they play — Will they win them all…? Heck, no — But they even have potential to compete with and win against San Francisco, Seattle and Denver… No one will take them lightly. I had to note this, as I was pretty rough on you – along with everyone else – after your terrible Alex Smith post…

  • Micky Overbaugh

    My prediction is 12-4, we will defeat S.F.

  • Stan

    Hahaha, more like 6-10 if they’re lucky.