New York Giants: Right guard position battle

New York Giants

Brandon Mosley

The New York Giants have been lying low the past couple weeks in preparation for training camp coming up July 22 and not much will go on until then. Today I’ll give you a little food for thought to hold you over until the much-anticipated day finally arrives and drama unfolds.

Lately I have been discussing position battles and I think another one has emerged. Starting right guard has been on the table for a while now and Brandon Mosley seems to be moving in that direction. Giant’s veteran, Chris Snee has held down this position for some time but with his hip injuries unfortunately not subsiding all eyes are searching for a new guard.

Snee suffered a torn labrum in his left hip before 2013 and missed offseason training. He was able to come back for only three games before he tore his right labrum and was unable to finish out the 2013 season. And to add to the issues he also underwent elbow surgery this offseason. The question now is whether or not a 2014 season can even be a possibility for him.

When looking back on the man’s career, most would want him on their team. He has played 10 seasons, earning four Pro Bowls, one All-Pro selection and two Super Bowl wins. He’s a seasoned vet and would be a real asset to the team, but would it even be worth it?

Personally, I think training camp will be his last shot to prove that he still has it. Otherwise I think the Giants will send him packing. He’ll be forced into retirement and it’ll probably be for the best. He seems unable to recover from these injuries so why further the damage?

New York Giants

Chris Snee

Brandon Mosley seems like a good change of pace for the Giants. He’s basically brand new and will be a healthy player for the position. He took over for James Brewer last season and played 59 snaps over the duration of five games. He’s 6-foot-5, 318 pounds and basically a blank canvas to be painted in any way the Giants feel desirable. He plays a solid game and I’m pretty much sold he could take the spot over indefinitely.

Even if Chris Snee seems like he’ll make it through training camp in late July I don’t think Mosley will let him just take the spot. I think the battle for right guard will most definitely be on and popping. Snee has a plethora of years behind him but with two bum hips and a healing elbow, Mosley will be coming for him. They’ll also be throwing in Bullygate scandal star, John Jerry to make this competition a little bit more interesting.

Like Snee, Jerry underwent surgery and will not be able to show his stuff until training camp. Jerry received knee surgery and I don’t really see him as a threat to Mosley. All in all this battle will be a good one. Stay tuned to see what happens between the veteran, the newbie, and the bully.

  • Jordan Imsho

    When Mosley played against the Seattle Seahawks that did it for me. He handled the spot well and got 34 of his total 59 snaps in that one game. He just holds it down. He’s constantly improving and thats what we really need. He’s already good but he’s going to get even better.

  • Wheaty

    What is it of Mosley’s play that you personally saw that makes you sold that he can man RG indefinitely?

    • Dennis

      unlike brewer, mosley has talent