VCU Basketball: Shaka extends more 2015 offers

As fans keep track of Shaka’s 2015 offers, they sure must have been excited these past few weeks. The Ram’s coaching staff has found a few players recently who exude the VCU Havoc style. Aric Holman, Ty Hudson and Steve Enoch all caught Shaka’s eyes this summer. Each player has his own flare to him, but they all have those specific qualities that the Rams thrive on.

Aric Holman is 6-9 and 210 pounds. He’s a very versatile player as he is an unbeatable force as a center, power and small forward. Holman has great hands and that natural athleticism Shaka recruits. Holman is all over the court all the time, but not in an unorganized way. He attacks the ball on both offense and defense. This means fans see Holman reading the ball well. He pivots from one player to the next as his opponents pass, very “Havoc-like” of him. With his speed and more work on his post moves, Holman would be a perfect match for VCU after his senior year.

Ty Hudson is a skilled point guard who runs the court with no sweat. He’s 6-1 and 185 pounds. He’s just an inch shorter than Weber (who will be long gone by the time Hudson would arrive), but with just that little extra muscle on him. Hudson has the point guard body type that VCU coaches look for. He’s got the long stride when he runs which enables Hudson to beat his opponents to the other side of the court. When he does this Hudson doesn’t shy away from taking it all the way to the basket for a quick two points. In addition to his quick drive Hudson also has a solid jump shot. He’s got what it takes on offense and with his speed and pressure driven defense, he is just the type of point guard the Rams want.

6-10, 220 pound Steve Enoch is yet another great prospect for VCU. Enoch is much like Holman in the way that he has skills in different areas. Enoch also has experience in the center, small and power forward positions. He’s a very athletic “big man” ready to take charge at any time under the basket. Enoch is very long and that makes it difficult for his defenders to stop him. His length also enables Enoch to shut down his opponents as he averages 3.5 BPG. Dunking also comes easy to Enoch as he  jumps and powers over his defenders to sink the ball in. Losing Reddic in the center this past season was hard, and fans hope someone will be able to fill his void. If it ends up not working as well as fans hope, having a player like Enoch commit to VCU would be great for the Ram’s center position in 2015.

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