WWE: Will Brock Lesnar show up at Battleground?

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Anyone who knows anything about WWE knows that John Cena is going to win his Fatal Four Way match at WWE Battleground.

I’m not going to dive deeply into why he will, but if WWE wanted to put the title on Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, or even Kane, the would have done it at Money In The Bank.

Cena looks like he is set to take on Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam in August, and that is why it is clear Cena will somehow pull out a victory. The obvious, predictable outcome may hurt the WWE when it comes to views on the pay-per-view. In the financial situation the WWE is in now, they need something to spark WWE Network subscriptions.

There is a one week free trial for the WWE Network that ends Monday night at midnight. If one was to sign up for the free trial before midnight, they would get to see Battleground on Sunday night.

This means that Battleground is WWE’s last chance to convince the free trial go-ers to buy the Network, and an obvious Cena win to end the show would not give the casual a fan a desire to see more.

So how does WWE end the show in a way that will get people to buy the WWE Network?

lesnar cena

Enter Brock Lesnar.

The chance of this happening aren’t as high as Cena ending the show with both titles, but it isn’t something to look past. Lesnar showing up at the end of the show and hitting Cena with an F5 after Cena managed to win the fatal four way would give WWE fans something to look forward to.

Whether someone likes Cena or not, they can’t not be intrigued by a Lesnar/Cena SummerSlam main event. It’s a blockbuster match with a ton of potential and one that isn’t very predictable. Cena just won the title, so many won’t expect him to lose it this early. Lesnar on the other hand is someone who is at almost untouchable status.

His last match was the (in)famous match that ended the Undertaker’s undefeated Wrestlemania streak. A SummerSlam loss to Cena would be pretty bad for Lesnar’s WWE legacy. Plus it would make Cena look way too strong; if he can beat the man who beat the greatest streak in wrestling history, then there is nothing that John Cena can’t do.

Lesnar would have to be the favorite here, but still anything can happen when it comes to Cena. WWE setting up for this match at the end of Battleground would convince all of those free trial users to buy the Network so they can see that pay-per-view.

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