Baltimore Orioles trade rumors: Players who could be dealt

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Hunter Harvey

Over the last week we’ve taken a look at the players the Baltimore Orioles could look to acquire before the trade deadline. The two major areas of need for the team are starting pitching, and second base, while the bullpen could also be bolstered if they so choose.

During this time, a lot of Orioles’ prospects have been mentioned in trade talks and this time, we’ll focus on the top prospects of the Orioles, and the players’ whose names have been mentioned time and time again.

First, and most commonly mentioned is pitcher Hunter Harvey. Harvey was the O’s top draft choice in the 2013 draft, and is currently the 58th overall prospect in all of baseball. Harvey pitches for the Orioles high-A team in Delmarva and has done a great job. Similarly, Harvey appeared in the MLB Futures Game over the weekend. Harvey is commonly mentioned in trade talks by other teams, as the 19-year-old has great potential.

Next is pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez. Rodriguez has taken a back seat to pitchers Kevin Gausman and Dylan Bundy in double-A ball but were it not for them, he would get much more national attention. The left-handed starter is the number 65 prospect in baseball and has earned 22 victories in his five season thus far, and is a player the O’s would be willing to part with for the right price.

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Finally and most recognizably is Orioles’ second baseman Jonathan Schoop. Schoop has been with the O’s for all of the 2014 season, and has started the majority of the team’s games at second base. Batting in the eighth or ninth spot for most of the season, Schoop has done an average job, although his play in the field has improved significantly as the season has progressed. It would be hard for the Orioles to give up Schoop in a trade, as he has been their second baseman of the future for multiple years now, and has a lot of promise in his hitting. The righty could provide power and become a power hitting second baseman, which is rare in baseball today.

Until the trade deadline actually arrives, we will all have to continue to anxiously wait to see if there is any big news that comes out of Baltimore. The team is rumored to have been keeping a close eye on Rockies’ starter Jorge De La Rosa; a move that in my eyes would not be beneficial to the team in any way. The Orioles have a plethora of number three or four starters already and adding De La Rosa would just give them another one. The team needs a clear cut ace, and they have the opportunity to get that guy right now, even if it comes for the price of one of the players mentioned above.


  • Teez Williams

    I agree with u guys about De la Rosa and sale but I don’t think I’d give up any of them young arms for what I feel is not a true ace, just my opinion.. I’d say find a team that’s out of the race already and hang some meat (harvey/Bundy) out on a stick in front of em for a good 2B or an ace.. I love how DD is building our arms from the farm system, all these young talented arms, imagine if they all click at the same time! That would really be some orioles magic lol.. Tillman, Gausman, Bundy, Harvey, Britton the rotation, 3 20 game winners haha a guy can dream, all in fun! Go O’s!

  • Park

    Sincerely, Chris Sale would represent an impressive option since Chirs Sale represents An Allstar Left Hander. Chris Sale’s Contract Would Expire in Given years, which Represents a Valuable Image. Unfortunately, No one could guarantee the Future success of our Baltimore Orioles’ Prospect, so sacrificing certain Prospects for Chris Sale would Represent a beneficial Move.

  • japester

    Agreed Sale is a good piece to have in the rotation and De La Rosa isn’t the answer. Getting Sale is going to take a bit though. Hahn has said repeatedly that Sale isn’t going anywhere so getting him might be an over pay. Maybe Gausman and Harvey/Bundy would do it? What ever the price, it’s going to be high. Now Beckham is more attainable and at a lower price and would definitely give an upgrade at 2nd.

  • rich G

    go out and get Chris Sale, there would be a true ace we have not had in a long time…..De La Rosa is not the answer, not what we need.

    • Quipex

      I’d move Bundy or Harvey for Sale. You give up a guy with great potential but get back a proven starter with a few years of team control. Whether the O’s move Schoop or not, they really need to upgrade 2B if they want to make a playoff run. He may be the 2B of the future, but he’s not a playoff caliber 2B at this point. I agree… pass on De LaRosa

      • millerforrest

        Bundy? You cannot be serious!

        • Jack Lee

          Neither Hunter or Bundy or Gausman are going to be traded. These are all Chicago fans wishing. Chris Sale is worth a B prospect, that’s all he’s getting from the Orioles. We aren’t that desperate.

          • jason

            That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard man. No disrespect intended. Sale is an all Star left handed Ace. If they gave him up for Bundy/Hunter and Rodriguez we should pull the trigger immediately.

          • Park

            Our Fate is currently in the desire of Baltimore Orioles’ Hand unfortunately.

          • Park

            Sincerely, Praying for the beneficial Chris Sale Deal since Chris Sale represents our top priority.

          • jason

            That’s the dumbest thing Ever said seriously. Sale worth a B prospect. .. smh, seriously stupid

          • Jack Lee

            Time will tell. Prices are dropping quickly I hear as teams get desperate.