Detroit Tigers trade rumors: Joaquin Benoit edition

JoaquinAs the days get closer to the trade deadline, the Detroit Tigers have yet to make a trade in order to help improve a bullpen that makes fans hold their collective breath. The addition of San Diego Padres relief pitcher Joaquin Benoit could be a move that could help Tigers fans exhale.

Now you are probably thinking “how many articles is this guy going to write about the Tigers trading for a relief pitcher?” It may sound like a rerun, but a move to help the bullpen is the most realistic move the Tigers can make.

General manager Dave Dombrowski has been on record saying that the Tigers are looking to add a pitcher in the bullpen to help stabilize it and what better than to bring in a familiar face like Benoit.

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Before landing in San Diego, Benoit played three seasons in Detroit in which he served as both a set up man and a closer.

I can be honest and personally say that the idea of “the closer” is a little overrated to me. I mean think about it, a guy asked to come in and pitch one inning with a three run lead or less and gets a save? It to me is outrageous.

Or so I thought.

In 2013, Jose Valverde had a major meltdown as the Tigers were scrambling to find a pitcher who could actually finish out games.

Benoit stepped up.

Benoit finished the season with an ERA of 2.01 and had 24 saves as he provided the Tigers with a breath of fresh air in 2013.

Now, Benoit is currently with the Padres and is only pitching better with an ERA of 1.86. He’s one of the few bright spots for San Diego this season.

Bringing Benoit back to Detroit would probably cost a lot. The Tigers are desperate for stability, and the Padres know it.

Right now, the Tigers currently have one of the worst bullpens in baseball with closer Joe Nathan being the highlight and not in a good way. But there is some hope as Nathan seems to have found his groove a little bit which is something Detroit is hoping stays true. But if Nathan goes back to struggling, having Benoit ready to go back to his closing duties is something he would be prepared for.

Each week the trade deadline gets closer and closer and sooner or later Dombrowski will have to pull the trigger and make a move.

Hopefully he is aiming for Benoit.

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