San Francisco Giants’ trade rumors: David Price edition

The San Francisco Giants are notorious for making key second additions on their way to winning World Series titles but in order to compete for one in 2014 another mid-season acquisition is essential.

While Madison Bumgarner appeared to be settling into his role as the San Francisco Giants’ ace early in the season, his performance during the club’s June skid was anything but ace-like.  In times of struggle, MLB teams rely on their ace as a stop gap, ensuring that losing streaks don’t continue to build into collapses.

After going 5-0 in May with a 2.08 ERA, Bumgarner has gone 3-5 with an ERA over 3.50 since June 10, which essentially marked the beginning of San Francisco’s slide.  Following a 31-11 surge between April 23 and June 8, the club has posted a 10-22 record since.

Bumgarner cannot be blamed as the sole reason for the Giants’ struggles but as the ace of the staff, it is his responsibility to be at his best, even when the team may not be at theirs.  Aces such as Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw serve as the anchors of their ballclubs, making sure their team has a great chance to win every fifth game.

June may have shown that Bumgarner just may not be up to the task of being the anchor at the top of the San Francisco Giants’ rotation.

San Francisco Giants

Madison Bumgarner

The Giants have proven in the past that they can overcome a lack of offense with dominant pitching and timely hitting but they have yet to prove they can win without their trademark: good pitching. Their offense may be in a slump with the absence of Pagan but a stronger pitching staff would have minimized its impact on the team.

With no timetable for Pagan’s return, the Giants need to focus on bolstering the starting rotation if they hope to compete for a title in 2014.

David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays would be the surest option for the front office to consider and they are.  Chris Haft of reports the Giants sent special consultant Pat Burrell to actively scout Rays’ ace David Price and veteran infielder Ben Zobrist.

Price would undoubtedly provide the Giants  with the bonafide ace they need to become serious contenders again but his acquisitions would surely throw a monkey wrench into the Giants future.  Not only would the Giants have to part ways with pitching prospect Kyle Crick and second baseman Joe Panik but they would also potentially lose out on re-signing upcoming free agents Pablo Sandoval, Michael Morse  and Sergio Romo.  Both Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford are up for long term extensions as well.

Another potential option the Giants’ could consider is the Phillies’, Cliff Lee, who has plenty of experience and has thrived being dealt to contenders in the second half.  However, Lee would be a serious gamble for the Giants as he has yet to make his return from the 60-day DL with a left elbow strain.

San Francisco Giants: Trade deadline thoughts

With a potential dynasty hanging in the balance, the San Francisco Giants will have to decide whether accumulating three World Series titles in five years is worth an uncertain future.

  • real giants fan

    As a good journalist knows, facts are an extremely important part of any article or report. In this case you maybe focused too much on the past, and ignored some very simple facts. Fact 1. If you don’t score, you don’t win. Fact 2. All the great pitching will keep you in games, but it still won’t change fact 1. The early season two out base hitting could not last forever, and that is what is led to the Giants downfall. very unfair place the blame on the pitching staff especially Madbum.