UFC: Introducing Holly Holm

Holly Holm head KickIf there is only one reason in the world for me to visit websites like world star hip hop it’s to watch girls throw fisticuffs, sometimes while holding a baby in one hand. I mean, there is something about watching two girls at a Denny’s diner, yelling obscenities at each other and then tucking their chins and throwing over hands that Chuck Liddell would be proud of. Women’s fighting has been entertaining since Jerry Springer’s, one daddy, two baby momma’s episodes and watching two ladies slug it out is still one of America’s greatest past times, at least in my opinion.

The UFC knows this and has capitalized on women’s MMA with the addition of their woman’s division to the biggest fight promotion in the world. The division has brought entertaining fights since introduced in 2013 but is also shallow and in need of some depth and talent, especially with the dominance at the top by current champion Ronda Rousey.

Introducing Holly Holm, the undefeated, Legacy FC bantamweight champion who has been turning heads with her looks, her hands and her untarnished record, amassing an impressive 7 wins in MMA with six of those victories coming by either KO or TKO.

Holm’s knockouts and unblemished record should come as no surprise seeing that she has been boxing professionally since 2001. With a record of 33-2-3, to say she’s battle tested at this point in her career would be an understatement.

Holy Holm has always been on UFC president Dana White’s radar and after Ronda Rousey last demolition victory over Alexis Davis, a fighter many considered to be Rouey’s most difficult opponent at the time, White knew it was time to invest in what might be the next big star in the young women’s division.

After months of rumors, finally, on July 10, 2014, pen was put to paper and Holly Holm was finally singed to the UFC.

There has been plenty of speculation as to when Holm will get her shot at Rousey and the UFC title but Dana White made sure to close the door on any premature title talk, stating that Holm would need at least one non-title fight to see where she stands within the division.

Regardless of who Holm may fight next, adding such a technical and accurate striker the women’s division should put every lady on high alert.

If Holm is able to make quick work out of her first opponent inside of the UFC octagon White may not be able to keep the door closed for long and give the fans and Holm what they want, a shot a Rousey and the title.

It’s not very often that a women coming to the UFC creates such a buzz and the last time it happened we were treated to the best female fighter in the world. Now I’m not saying that Holm is the best fighter in the world, but if her record is indicative of what kind of fighter she is then I fully expect to be treated to a few female bouts that Mr. Springer would be proud of.