New York Giants: #1 player to watch at training camp

New York Giants

Corey Washington

When New York Giants fans think of the 90-man roster, they can automatically regurgitate the big names they remember. Eli Manning, Victor Cruz, Odell Beckham, the list would go on and on. Today there is a player that’s new to us, but that I think should become synonymous with the team name.

As we know there is a long list of wide receivers going to training camp this year. Victor Cruz, Rueban Randle, Odell Beckham Jr, Trindon Holliday, Jerell Jernigan, Mario Manningham, and Corey Washington. Our guy to watch is Washington.

Corey Washington was originally undrafted this spring but was then picked up by the Cardinals. He practiced with the team but was let go before May practices even concluded. The Giants lept on this opportunity and signed Washington to the team.

Washington played division two football at Newberry College in South Carolina before starting a career in the NFL. In his last season with the team he caught 44 passes for 839 yards, and had a school single record of 13 touchdowns total. The 200-pound receiver has been quickly welcomed to the New York Giants because of that height edge they will now have.

Washington is 6-foot-4, making him the tallest receiver the Giants have on the roster. To put that height into perspective he’s four inches taller then Cruz and two inches taller than Randle. We like that. Washington has called himself a “red-zone-type receiver’’ and we like that too. If Washington can out reach and out jump players on the field, he’s the type of guy the Giants want on the roster. The big reaches on those long arms will be a 100 percent benefit for the team.

With a big catch radius that means smooth sailing for Eli Manning. He has a larger target to hit and that means more completed passes that could be touchdowns. We all know Manning has a habit of throwing interceptions so with the addition of Washington he might be able to cut down on these mistakes.

New York Giants

#16 Corey Washington

For some reason, people doubt Washington because of the college he came from. For me that doesn’t make him any less of a good football player. Yes, it was a small school but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a solid player and will continue to grow with NFL training. Ron Parker from the Chiefs and Brandon Bostick of the Patriots came from Newberry as well, so clearly they have a reputable program and can pump out NFL-worthy players.

All eyes should be on Washington throughout training camp because he’s going to prove that he supposed to be there. At Newberry, he was a big fish in a little pond but now he’ll be with the seasoned veterans and will really need to fight to get on the field. I have no doubt that his exceptional height and playing will carry him through and will assist the offensive efforts. Washington is definitely one to watch come July 22. The wait for training camp will soon be over!