Chicago Cubs trade rumors: Noah Syndergaard edition

Javier Baez, Kris Bryant, Addison Russell and Noah Syndergaard? Could the Chicago Cubs possibly land one of the best pitching prospects in all of baseball?

According to reports, after the acquisition of  shortstop prospect Russell from the Oakland A’s, teams have been gauging the availability of Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro. The front office has insisted that he is not available and they have every intention of keeping the three time All-Star. However, there are many teams that believe the Cubs are bound to trade one of their shortstops as they seem to have a log jam at the position.

Of the three shortstops the Cubs have Castro seems to be the easiest of the three to trade as I have stated in previous articles, he has proven what he is and that is an All-Star shortstop. The Cubs and New York Mets seem like a match made in heaven. The Cubs have an outstanding farm system that lacks pitching, while the Mets have great pitching but lack a top position player. Each team has the others biggest area of need and seem as though they would match up perfect for a trade. The Mets would be able to acquire a shortstop that can be  put next to David Wright on the left side of the infield for many years to come.

New York Mets

Noah Syndergaard

Moving on to what the Cubs would look to acquire, we turn our attention to Syndergaard. Syndergaard is listed at 6’6″ and 240 pounds. He has the prototypical starting pitcher body. He owns a career ERA of 3.33 in five minor league seasons. He has a record of 29-17 and 416 strikeouts in 378.1 IP. These statistics show what Syndergaard is capable of and the big arm that he possesses.  At 21 years old, Syndergaard fits perfectly into the Cubs plan and is currently in Triple-A and would be right on track to join the other top prospects the Cubs have.

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Acquiring Syndergaard would give the Cubs the top of the rotation starter that they have lacked. He is young and thus a perfect piece to build an entire rotation around. If Syndergaard became a Cub, this would be a monumental acquisition and one that the front office would surely be proud of. With the surplus of shortstops that the Cubs have, trading one away and in particular trading Castro away may not be a bad idea. The organization is very deep in position player talent and could use some of that talent to get a top notch pitcher such as Syndergaard.

An acquisition of Syndergaard could accelerate the rebuilding process and position the Cubs to finally become buyers at the deadline instead of the sellers they have become.

  • Jason

    That’s funny starts with Harvey … Not going to happen and the mets have are not going to part with Syndergaard .. Castro is a solid shortstop but not worth Harvey who will be the Ace of the Mets pitching staff for the next 10 years and Syndergaard who will most likely our 1A pitcher for the next 10-15 years… Pitching wins games… Keep Castro if that’s what your asking for maybe you can make him a third baseman…

    • Theo

      Pitching wins ballgames and Harvey is a stud – but how many games has Harvey pitched this year? Syndergaard? Zero. Harvey is recovering from TJ. You’ll be lucky if he pitches next year. 10 years… we got Jake Arrieta giving us comparable performance to last year’s Harvey. How much did we give up for Arrieta? We gave up 1/2 a season of Scott Feldman. Can you go out and get a SS like Castro for 1/2 a season of Scott Feldman?

      • Jason

        If your pitching staff is that good you don’t need Harvey or Syndergaard… Good luck with Arrieta… Harvey will be back next season…. Syndergaard is a top 5 pitching prospect who throws 98 consistent and will be a front line starter no doubt for years to come and Sandy has already stated that he is untouchable…. The mets don’t need Castro this year they are not making the playoffs this year so keep Castro hopefully some other team gives you there top pitching prospect… But Harvey and Syndergaard aren’t going anywhere… If you really want to talk trade start with double A prospects but mets aren’t giving anything up that’s major league ready… Especially our top young pitchers..

        • Theo

          We’re not the ones placing the calls friend. We’ll be fine without Harvey/Syndergaard. Now, if you don’t mind, Jed and Jason want to go get some waffles.

          • Jason

            Ok Mr. Epstein go make another deal with a Scott Feldman and see how far you get with your young starters… Do me a favor don’t burn my waffles and don’t forget the syrup…

          • Theo

            Your mom says not to worry, she’ll make them just the way you like them.

          • Jason

            Your wife says she likes the cream I give her so we’re all good

          • Theo

            This thread is going in the gutter… just like the Mets.

          • Jason

            To be more accurate this thread is going in the gutter; just like the last place Cubs. Worst team in the Baseball.

      • Mikel Grady

        We got Addison Russell for 2 Feldman’s :-). Castro will net us a top pitcher if they put him up on the block . Schwarber c rizzo 1b 2b Castro ss Russell of bryant Almora soler. If trade Castro alcantra at 2b. Arrieta Kendrick’s cj Edwards p, shields scherzer in free agency. Hitters make a difference 162 games a year pitchers 30. Go cubs!

      • SeanE

        so is 90% of the pitchers in the game.

        Your going to say

        Fernandez isn’t a stud?
        Tanaka isn’t a stud(arguing this)
        Medlen isn’t a stud?

        TJ surgery of late has been very successful

    • SeanE

      Castro is a good ss, possibly top 5-6 in the NL. 3 time all stars, and 3.0 WAR ss’s don’t grow on trees. I just don’t think its worth it for the Mets to go after castro for that price. It would do them much better that in the offseason going after a possible game changing bat in the lineup.

  • Bill Vaughn

    Castro isn’t going anywhere.As we speak Baez is playing second base at Triple A Iowa.Alcantara is going to be a centerfielder and Bryant is going to play left leaving an opening at third.So much for your backlog of shortstops theory.There will be a spot for everybody.

    • SeanE

      exactly my point above. It will take a lot for the Cubs to move Castro, because they are not in the need too. Theo will have to be blown away to even consider moving Castro. He is just waiting for the one team to overpay for him.
      However in favor of Mets fans some Cubs fans tend to overvalue their players. They seem to think they dominated the Sama,and Hammel trade. When actually it evened itself out, because pitching ranks premium in mlb.

  • John

    Any trade of Castro with the Mets starts with Harvey, period.

    • Theo

      I’m listening. Harvey, Syndergaard….

    • jl9830a

      Lol. Enjoy keeping Castro then. Harvey was as good as any pitcher in baseball before he got hurt.

    • SeanE

      thats a laugh in itself.

      Your overvaluing your ss clearly. Harvey was a 5 war player.

      Thats the same as calling the dodgers,and saying you want Castro, how about Kershaw(before getting handed a contract)

      I’ll bet on Colletti hanging up the phone immediatley.

      Syndergaard we can talk. Harvey absolutley not.

  • Ed

    Really? All-Star compared to the rest of the NL shortstops is not saying much. What i see is a guy who has not (at least not yet) lived up to all the hype – lifetime OPS+ of 97 – average hitter at best, defensive WAR of +0.9 over 4 seasons – slightly better than average – not great power, not a great base runner, doesn’t walk, strikes out too much for what he is… Thanks Theo, we’ll keep Syndergaard, doubts and all, because he’s not much different than Castro.

    • Theo

      Hitters peak around 27. Castro is barely 24 and is #4 in wOBA among MLB
      short stops. He has made 3 All Star teams and already has 2 major
      league records: most RBI in a debut and in 2011, when he was Syndergaard’s age, he became the youngest
      player to ever lead the NL in hits. This season, he’s on pace to hit 20
      HRs — the most in his career. Overall, he is on pace to have a 3000 hit
      career. What has Syndergaard done? He’s 21 and has a WHIP of 1.559 in
      84 innings at AAA. Are you sure he’s not much different than Castro?

      • SeanE

        woaah hold on. Your forgetting Syndergaard is pitching in the pcl. Plus he had a breakout season last year. In the PCL everybody’s era inflates especially in vegas. Don’t go bashing Syndergaard there.

    • Mikel Grady

      .280 20+ hr 100 rbi ss yep they are a dime a dozen

    • SeanE

      there is Hanley,Simmons,Tulowitzki, and Desmond that could easily fit into that list. You cannot say it doesn’t say much. He is a solid offensive ss, however he does need to work on his defense. It seems that his defense is weakened because of a lack of concentration. Either way it has room to improve.

  • Theo

    I would never propose such a stupid trade. S. Castro is a proven, All Star caliber, short stop. He is 24 and we don’t have to worry about his contract for a long, long, time. Why would I trade him for 1 maybe? Even if Syndergaard were doing this at the major league level, I would still have to think about it. As Jed says, you can’t make plans with young pitching. They get hurt and sometimes they just suck, for no reason. Check his stats, Castro rarely misses a game. Plus, our pitching coaches are really good at getting the most out of average pitchers. Seriously, it would take like 5 Syndergaards to pry Castro loose.

  • lcq26mizzou

    Too bad that trade was already proposed by Cubs according to NY media and Sandy Alderson was said to immediately hang up the phone… Syndergaard is untouchable

  • Robb Cruse

    Can’t say I would mind too much to see Castro go for a player with talent of this caliber. We are going to have to find a stud for the rotation somewhere and they seldom come cheap. No one is really expecting Chicago be a playoff contender for a couple of years, so why not let Castro go if he can get this kind of return?

    • SeanE

      The Cubs can contend fast.

      With Kris Bryant,Jorge Soler,Javier Baez, Albert Almora, Mike Rizzo,and Addinson Russell

      They have a severly dangerous lineup. Baez,Rizzo,and Bryant all have the potential for 30+ hrs. With Bryant 45+

      • Robb Cruse

        I guess, what I am saying is, there could be worse moves made than trading (or keeping) him. With us, he could be a solid slightly more experienced guy for the youngsters to lean on or knowing there are quality replacements waiting for a position to open up. Move him with an eye towards filling a much needed spot at the top of the rotation. Frankly, I am just happy that our boys are even in the position to discuss the merits of keeping or moving a skilled player of his caliber and having the guys ready to come up if he is dealt. It’s been a long time since we have had options such as we do now. :)

  • reality_smack