New York Mets: Current situation at the halfway point

We are now halfway through the 2014 MLB season. And it is that time of year where every MLB team does their midseason evaluation. These past few days are the time when teams begin to realistically look at the likelihood of postseason baseball.

Once this point of contention is settled, the team can decide if they are going to be ‘buyers’, ‘sellers’, or even do a little bit of both. One team that must really analyze their current scenario is the New York Mets.

New York Mets trade rumors: Bartolo Colon edition

The Mets are currently in 3rd place in the NL East, 7 games back of the Nationals and the Braves. However, the Mets have won 8 of their last 10 games before the midseason break. With the way that the team closed out the first half of the season, it seems likely that the Mets will do both some buying and selling of players. The Mets will be looking to bring in players who will help the team now. Too much of the past few seasons have been focused on obtaining prospects for the future; however, the Mets have not played in the postseason since 2006. The organization must look at this season as the ‘future’ they have been building towards.

Now let’s look at the potential moves that the Mets could make to build an even stronger team this season.

Who we can sell

The Mets have already announced Bartolo Colón is on the trading block. Despite being 41 years-old, Colón has been one of the most consistent pitchers for the team. Having just signed a 2-year $20 million contract with the Mets this season, offloading this large contract to another team provides the Mets with more leeway to bring in other players.

Another position where the Mets will look to sell a player or two is in the outfield. They have an excess of outfielders, with 6 currently on their roster. Here is a quick list of the outfielders the Mets may look to deal.

1. Bobby Abreu: 40 years-old and has shown he can still play. Abreu would be a valuable asset for another playoff contender.

2. Chris Young: one of the Mets ‘big’ offseason acquisitions. He signed a hefty one-year deal this past fall that the Mets would like to unload. This will be tough as Young

has not proved his worth as a starting outfielder this season.

3. Eric Young, Jr.: has not been a regular starter for the Mets this season due to injuries and the excess outfielders on the roster. Young is still in the top 5 for stolen bases this season, which can only help raise his trade value. However, the Mets may want to keep him for his defensive insurance.

new york mets

NY Mets outfielder Chris Young

Another position player the Mets may look to trade is catcher Anthony Recker. Although Recker is not having a great season, he is still a suitable backup catcher. With the Mets having Taylor Teagarden currently on the DL, don’t be surprised if the Mets are seen shopping Recker around.

What position(s) to buy

It would be a difference-maker for the Mets if they could find a power-hitting shortstop (preferably not one with Tulowitzki’s pricetag). The Mets are currently 13th in the NL in both home-runs and slugging percentage this season, according to This would be the one position that the Mets are really looking for a upgrade.

The next few weeks before the July 31st trade deadline will be very telling as to whether the Mets see themselves as contenders in the NL East this season. Hopefully, the Mets can make it back to the “Promised Land” that is the postseason!

  • gangdalton

    Collins has shown to be a good manger with the hand he has been dealt. I think the front office realizes this.They have an intelligent front office. If the have another week like the last ten games, then they need to make a move for the fans. There is a slight hope for the division. But the wild Card is attainable if these missing pieces are obtained and come in and produce. Give it that shot. They are loaded in many areas in the minors.No matter what, they need that big bat to help Wright and obviously make them more potent. There are none of those in the minors. next year will loom much brighter for the Mets. Harvey will come back. he is any teams ace, with the exception of a couple of teams. If wheeler can learn to control his pitches and stop being a roller coaster. that and their top pitching prospect, would make their staff very deep.You can never have enough pitching.I believe the mets are a lot closer than you think to being a true contender for several years and continued growth from within. Free agants make them gun shy and for good reasons. but if someone is out there and young enough, go for it. this is a team on the rise.