UFC: The return of the notorious Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor weigh in Hype is a noun that means extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion. Some people use it to tell their friends how great a Mexican restaurant’s tacos are or how hot that girl at the club was at 2 am. Hype is the way we get people excited about something whether is merits the excitement or not.

Hype is also used to promote athletes like college players on their way to the pros or even high school athletes on their way to college. Mixed martial arts are no different, with many fighters in smaller promotions around the world being hyped up before ever-stepping foot inside the octagon.

The hype train has been moving at light speed every since the notorious, Conor McGregor made his debut in the UFC on April 6, 2013. On that night McGregor made quick work of formidable opponent Marcus Brimage earning a technical knockout one minute into the fight. McGregor, at the time, was a relatively unknown fighter in America but the hype coming out of Dublin, Ireland about McGregor was that of goliath sized proportions.

McGregor had amassed a 12-2 record in Ireland, winning eight fights in a row, seven by KO or TKO, before grabbing the attention of UFC president Dana White.

McGregor would sign a multi fight deal with the UFC and after his first fight in the cage that earned him knock out of the night, McGregor was set to follow that up on August 17, 2013 against a young and tough Max Holloway.

McGregor would go on to win that fight via unanimous decision but the hype train would be derailed soon after when an MRI scan revealed a torn ACL in McGregor’s knee.

While sidelined for the past year McGregor was able to do the unthinkable and that is keeping his name relevant in a business that seems to live by the motto, “what have you done for me lately.”

McGregor is a fusion of Muhammad Ali and Chael Sonnen on Adderall with a knack to self promote unlike anyone in combat sports. McGregor made his rounds to all the popular MMA outlets. From radio shows to podcasts, including multiple appearance on the, “MMA Hour,” McGregor made sure his name was still in the mouths of fans and fighters alike during his time rehabbing.

So instead of being put at the back of the line, McGregor was awarded with headlining a fight card in his hometown of Dublin. Not bad for a man who has only two fights in the UFC and is coming off one of the most difficult injury rehabs a fighter can go through.

McGregor was set to fight Cole Miller on July 19, 2014 in Dublin but a hand injury would sideline Miller and would be replaced by Brazilian brawler Diego Brandao.

Well July 19 is here and the hype no longer matters. For McGregor, it’s now time to back up to the talk and prove the hype is real. This is an opportunity for McGregor to put himself one step closer to a title contender spot even though Brandao is not ranked in the featherweight division.

With McGregor’s ability to ruffle feathers and promote like no other, if he wins his fight against Bradao at UFC fight night Dublin, he will surely have many suitors waiting in the wings to take a stab at the notorious one. The train is back on track and gaining steam. Once again, it is time for McGregor to show everyone that the hype is real.