VCU Basketball: players with potential for the 2015 NBA Draft

The Rams haven’t always been a team known for breeding NBA players. Just because they haven’t always been, doesn’t mean they can’t be now though. With recent news on Troy Daniel’s success with the Rockets, he may just be paving the way for VCU players.

Three Rams will be seniors this season and two of them stick out as the best contenders for the 2015 NBA Draft. Treveon Graham and Briante Weber both have what it takes to contribute to an NBA team.

Briante Weber Celebrates on the court with teammates (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Briante Weber Celebrates on the court with teammates (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Weber appears to be the player with a bit of an “on the line” draft pick. Weber lacks a bit of the size the NBA looks for, but he makes up for it with his relentless ball guarding skills. Weber has excelled every year with the team both on offense and on defense. Last season Weber beat out a 28 year record with the most steals in a season. He lead the nation grabbing 121 steals and averaged 9.4 PPG as a point guard. Weber’s top 5 qualities that would be looked for in the draft are his athleticism, defensive skills, quickness, leadership and ball handling. Weber is a well-rounded player as he is very defensive-minded but also runs the court and ensures points on offense as well.

An NBA team may look for his leadership skills as well. Weber is a high energy player who never stops. He is always running (with a smile on his face) and he’s always a positive force on the court.

Graham, on the other hand, has seen much attention recently. He’s been offered an invitation to Kevin Durant’s camp and most recently got invited to the Lebron James Skills Academy this summer. He will get a great opportunity to have some important eyes on him at events like these. NBA teams will be interested in Graham’s constant skills. He was VCU’s leading scorer last season averaging 15.8 PPG and rounded that out with 7 RPG. Graham is a constant scorer for VCU and he is always quick to get defensive with his opponents. Graham stole 176 defensive rebounds last season and looks to only be getting stronger and more athletic this season.

Graham shoots over multiple defenders (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Graham shoots over multiple defenders (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

One quality of Graham’s that NBA teams can’t ignore is his potential to get even better. He’s got the height and strength they look for and he’s an unbeatable force on the college court already. Graham has that drive to keep learning and building his skills. With the right NBA coach, Graham would excel even more.

Both Weber and Graham have the aggressive minds the NBA wants as well. Being under Shaka Smart’s wing for four years should mold both of these natural born players into perfect NBA draft picks.

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