Los Angeles Clippers re-sign Glen Davis

Los Angeles Clippers resign reserve big man Glen Davis

Los Angeles Clippers resign reserve big man Glen Davis

On March 29th, Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers sent reserve power forward Glen Davis back to the locker room after the two shared a heated verbal exchange during that night’s contest with the Houston Rockets. It appeared that Big Baby’s stint with the Clippers would be ephemeral.

Davis surprisingly announced he would sign a one year contract worth the veteran minimum to return to the Clippers next season. Davis is set to make $1.2 million next year, a slight pay cut from last season’s $1.4 million. The former Orlando Magic power forward (and sadly their best player) was claimed off waivers by the Clippers after the Magic decided his original contract was not worth keeping on the books.

Davis averaged 4.2 points 3 rebound and 1.6 assists per contest last year in 23 games for the Clippers last season. The resigning of Davis is not a game changing move, but it is the right move. The Clippers organization firmly believe they have the core to compete for NBA championships, so re-signing guys who are familiar with the coaching staff, the team, and the system is a priority.

So going back to the fight, Doc Rivers is trying to build a team of guys that are tough physically and mentally. For Davis, it’s all about channeling his anger and frustration into something positive. Being a pain in the ass to the other team. The Clippers already showcase a roster with a slew of players who fit that billing. Chris Paul, Matt Barnes, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan all have a certain edge to them which radiates toughness.

This is what it really boils down to for Davis. He’s always had the size and skill to be effective, but mentally he can get in his own way. If he improves his mental strength, he can intern use his physical strength to effectively frustrate the Clippers opponents. That being said, what this move really does is strengthen the Clippers front line. The Clippers now have an effective pair of bigs to hold down the fort for the second unit. The Spencer Hawes Glen Davis combination should the Clippers the advantage against any combo of reserve bigs they might face.