New York Giants: Two more battles to watch in camp

New York Giants

Will Beatty

The New York Giants entered this season with a clear agenda. They were going to rebuild the team any way possible and make their way to the playoffs. They accomplished the first goal with a massive spending in free agency in hopes to achieve the second goal. The influx of players has opened the doors to many position battles that we haven’t even cracked the surface of.

First off, the way free agency went down this year will most likely not happen again for a couple years. The Giants spent this way because they had the appropriate cap room. This kind of room isn’t always available to teams but the Giants took full advantage. From the previous ways the G-men have gone about free agency, this year completely strayed from the pattern. They attacked aggressively in hopes to round up the best team possible to create competition and move in the direction of playoffs.

By striking when the iron was hot, the Giants raked in some serious players and now they will have difficult decisions they need to make. Going into training camp next week they have to start making some cuts to the 90-man roster. The battles were about to see are going to be wild. Nobody is just going to sit back while his position gets snagged.

For weeks I have been constantly hashing out who will go against who but the battles continuously develop. The next position that has come to light for me is left tackle.

Veteran Will Beatty will be facing off to keep his spot against newly signed Charles Brown. Beatty suffered a broken leg last season and has been recovering ever since. He may be limited at camp because of this injury but the hope is that he is ready and will be back to normal. I would hope Beatty would come back and be better then he was previously. He struggled in 2013 but that doesn’t mean he can’t improve.

Brown was used regularly in OTAs so that might have stepped up his chances because he has already shown what he can do. Either way it goes, Giants fans want the best person for the job. Rookie or veteran, it doesn’t matter, the goal is to improve their play and if the rookie’s going to do it, take him, or visa versa.

The next spot on the table is left defensive end. This position unlike left tackle will be a three-person battle. Veteran Mathias Kiwanuka, Damontre Moore, and free agent Robert Ayers are going to be given the shot to take home this spot. Kiwanuka held it down during OTAs but that really doesn’t mean much in the long run. Training camp is where it matters and any of these men can take it. No one really seems to be a front running so we’ll have to watch very closely to see who’s the leader at camp. This could be more of a rotated position so they could end up keeping all of them to try it out.

Again training camp begins next week so the wait is almost over. Keep your eyes peeled because everything can happen at the drop of a hat. One wrong move could send you packing at training camp so the race for the 53-man roster is on.