Former Michigan State QB Brian Hoyer vs. Johnny Football

In this week’s isportsweb Detroit Free Press column, I take a look at the quarterback situation for the Cleveland Browns, where it’s a full-fledged battle between former MSU quarterback Brian Hoyer and superstar Johnny Manziel. As always, preview the article below and read the rest on

There are three reasons why Cleveland will be the most analyzed sports town in America this fall.

The first two: LeBron James and Johnny Manziel.

The third: Brian Hoyer.

Don’t act like you’re not all asking yourselves the same questions.

Is this really happening? Are we really having this discussion? In the words of the kid in the “David after Dentist” video: Is this real life?

Yes, it’s true… click here to continue reading.

Johnny Manziel (left) and Brian Hoyer (right).

Johnny Manziel (left) and Brian Hoyer (right).