Colorado Rockies: Dan O’Dowd needs to go

As the trade deadline approaches, here in late July, the Colorado Rockies find themselves in their seemingly perpetual cycle: out of contention for any postseason races but unwilling to wave the white flag on the season. It is this attitude by the Rockies’ front office which has propelled the team to its current 40-59 record and 15-game deficit in the NL West division race.

Moreover, it is the Rockies’ front office management that has the team on course for their third consecutive last place finish in the division. General Manager Dan O’Dowd’s nearly 15-year tenure with the club has sparked both highs and lows. However, not even the warm memories of “Roxtober,” the team’s fateful run to the World Series, should cloud fan’s thinking of what O’Dowd has created in the Colorado.

The Colorado Rockies are a terrible and going nowhere.

O’Dowd has had ample time to build a winner. Two playoff appearances, one pennant and one World Series appearance in 15 years are O’Dowd’s resume highlights. The low-lights being the organization’s (and his own) failure in ever developing quality pitching and a consistent winner. Currently, the Rockies possess the worst ERA in baseball at a whopping 5.04 and are near the bottom in almost every single meaningful pitching statistic.

More importantly than just the stark reality of the Rockies’ current failures on baseball field, is the lack of hope that seems to have permeated from the fans to the organization itself. It is the viscous cycle of apathy, caused by consistent losing, that takes hold of teams and their fan bases, and convinces all parties involved that winning is just not meant for them. Mediocrity is the law of the land. That seems to be the guiding thought behind O’Dowd and the Rockies front office.

Does anyone truly believe that the Rockies can turn around their season, or franchise, with their current management? Recent history would suggest not.

Once again the Rockies started the season fast, but since the beginning of summer have seemed to wilt under the blue skies of the Centennial state. Such predictability of how the season has gone speaks to the construction of the team, or rather, lack there of.

Mediocrity, timidness and a desire to not rock the boat currently hold the Rockies in a death grip of ever climbing out of their own futility. That kind of thinking has guided the Rockies to hold off the inevitable reality of trading Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez.

I hope both are traded. Not because I wish to see either in another teams uniform, but because at least than the Rockies would be setting a clear goal of rebuilding. A clear goal by the organization would be a welcomed change from the indecisiveness and apathy.

In short, I am tired of watching the Rockies lose, and the only way to break the cycle, for a small market team, is to rebuild through their farm system.

Unfortunately, it appears that at least for another trade deadline, apathy and mediocrity will win out. And just as predictably, the Rockies will finish near the bottom of the NL West. The blame for this should be laid squarely at the feet of Dan O’Dowd.

It is time for O’Dowd to be shown the door.