Iowa football: Ferentz is best player developer in NCAA

Iowa football

Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz is one of the best developers of talent in the nation.

In this multi-part series of articles, I will discuss the effects of Kirk Ferentz to Iowa football. I will talk about the good and the bad of  Ferentz. I also will talk about the future of Iowa with Ferentz at the helm and if Iowa is better or worse with him as the coach in the future. 

Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz has been criticized a lot lately but no one can dispute that Iowa football would ever be as big as it is now without Ferentz. Kirk Ferentz IS Iowa football.

Ferentz has an all-time record of 108-79, or a .578 winning percentage, which isn’t that great. But, if his first two seasons are taken off, his record goes to 104-60, or .634. That means that he has averaged 8.2 wins per season. Winning 8 games per season is pretty solid, especially at a school with so many disadvantages compared to big time programs.

Iowa does not have very fertile recruiting grounds. The state of Iowa is lucky to have one four star prospect a year. Then if they do have one, they have to battle with in-state rivals Iowa State for their services, not counting Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio State, and other big schools for their services if they are good enough.

So since Iowa’s high school recruits aren’t good enough to build a successful program, they have to go out of state. Iowa has a hard time getting those recruits because if they are really good recruits, they have to compete with the likes of Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan, and other powerhouses. They lose those battles almost every time because Iowa doesn’t have a whole lot they can use to attract recruits.

SEC schools can tout their conference, they can talk about the warm weather, they can talk about their storied histories, and their program’s prestige. Iowa can’t brag about the weather. Which recruit from the south would like to spend their winters in Iowa’s bitter cold? Iowa doesn’t have the brand name that Notre Dame does; they don’t have the storied history. Iowa doesn’t have a big city like Chicago or Minneapolis to attract them either. The only thing they can brag about is that they have Kirk Ferentz and his skills as a player developer.

Because the big recruits don’t find Iowa that attractive, Iowa has to scour the nation for the overlooked recruits that they can use to develop into Big Ten players. Most of Iowa’s recruiting classes are littered with two and three star recruits with a rare four star sprinkled in every once and a while. Because of talent of the recruits they get, it is crazy to think that they have averaged over 8 wins a season.

The reason why Iowa wins that much is because of Ferentz’s ability to develop talent. He takes two and three stars and turns them into NFL talent. Since 2010, Iowa has had 22 draft picks go to the NFL. Ohio State has had 23. In the past 12 seasons, Kirk Ferentz has had 49 players drafted in the NFL. That’s an astounding average of four per draft.

He has shown a talent to turn walk-ons into college and NFL stars. Dallas Clark was a walk on linebacker when Iowa moved him to tight end and he became an all-pro player. He also knows how to make position changes to help the players. Bryan Bulaga came to Iowa as a highly touted tight end, but left Iowa as a first round draft pick as an offensive tackle.

[Kirk Ferentz’s four year cycle]

A crazy statistic found by sportsnation and blackheartgoldpants is that a two star prospect has one in 34 chance of getting drafted. At Iowa, it is one and six. A three star recruit at Iowa is three times more likely of being drafted than an average program. Iowa four star recruits have a one in four chance of being drafted.

That just shows that Iowa’s player development is absurd. Iowa would not be competitive if they had a normal coach combined with their typical batch of recruits. But they don’t have a normal coach; they have a coach who can find two star gems and develop them into stars. That’s why Iowa needs Kirk Ferentz. That’s why Kirk Ferentz IS Iowa football.

  • I’m an idiot

    Kyle is absolutely right about Kirk Ferentz being a bad coach. In 2002 we did go undefeated in the Big 10, but we didn’t win the Big 10, despite the trophy and recognition as co-champions. Ohio State obviously would have beaten us if there was a conference championship game. They dominated the Big 10 that year — do you guys not remember the 10-6 beat down they delivered to the 7-6 Purdue team that year? Or OSU’s dominant overtime win against Illinois who themselves were a juggernaut at 5-7? Iowa would have no chance, as evidenced by losing to lowly USC who only had 45 future NFL players on their roster.

    Then in 2004 we again did not win a conference championship, despite the trophy and recognition as co-champions. Additionally, that year Ferentz made the ultimate bone-headed coaching decision I’ve ever witnessed by giving his 6th string running back the most carries over the course of the season. He showed poor coaching judgment allowing his first 5 running backs to get injured. The 8 straight wins to end the season, including beating the defending national champions in LSU, could not erase the embarrassment of Ferentz’s lack of coaching acumen.

    2008 was another embarrassment as we just simply could not compete with some of the teams on our schedule losing 4 games by an embarrassing total margin of 12 points. Follow that up with 2009 when Ferentz made a similar mistake to the one he did in 2004 — this time he let our starting quarterback get injured when we were ranked 4th in the country. He then didn’t let Stanzi play with a broken ankle in our only two losses of the season. If he didn’t allow Stanzi to get hurt, we may have gone undefeated. A better coach would have not let that happen.

    In his time at Iowa, Ferentz has only been to 11 bowl games, and he’s almost lost half of them! Those that are happy with Ferentz are settling for mediocrity. We’ve only finished in the top 10 one in every four years. He clearly does not have the ability to make us into a title contender as we’ve never been ranked higher than 3rd in the polls since he’s been here. Why don’t we take notice of other schools like Minnesota, Illinois, Notre Dame, Michigan, and Tennessee to see that replacing your coach consistently leads to immediate success.

    • Kyle

      Notre Dame played for the national championship in 2012, the same year Ferentz’s team went 4-8. Michigan won their last national championship in 1997, and is the winningest program in college football history. Tennessee won a national championship in 1998. As for Minnesota, they have 7 national championships. Brady Hoke, who is on the “hot seat” at Michigan, won a BCS Bowl in 2011.

      Speaking of coaches on the hot seat, you’ll notice Ferentz isn’t on the hot seat. Not because he shouldn’t have already been fired; the media knows that Iowa cannot fire him due to that ironclad buyout Ferentz holds over them. No, Ferentz won’t be fired even with another 4-8 season.

      Iowa was awarded their only NC in 1958, and haven’t been close since.

      Ferentz’ s teams have finished unranked in ten out of the fifteen years he’s coached there, and Iowa has not been ranked since 2009. As has been stated elsewhere on this thread, Iowa has lost six games annually since that time, while winning 6.75 games annually as well. Yeah, that’s a great record for a coach entering his sixteenth year as the head coach. smh.

      Fifteen years is enough time. He won’t be fired, though. Even if his team loses 5 games this year, even with the ridiculously easy schedule they have, he won’t be fired. Iowa simply cannot afford to fire him. Ferentz is very talented in one area: contract negotiations. Iowa lost that one too.

      I was wrong in one thing I said: Iowa is not mediocre. They need to get better to be mediocre. Averaging six losses annually after the 2009 season isn’t mediocre, it’s pathetic.

      • I’m an idiot

        Good point on Minnesota winning 7 national championships. They’re recent enough that we can all remember them well. I wish Iowa would follow their lead so that Iowa could have had the same kind of success Minnesota has had while we’ve been stuck with Ferentz.

        You’re absolutely right about never coming close to getting to a championship. In 2002 we finished the regular season ranked 3rd in the human polls, nowhere close enough to be considered a contender. That of course was due to our 1 game losing streak during the regular season.

        In 2008 we would have had to score the equivalent of two more touchdowns to go undefeated. Then in 2009 we couldn’t even get to 10-0 before losing a game–again due to Ferentz’s insane strategy to get our starting QB hurt. Then in 2010 we lost a number of blowouts, the worst being a 7 point loss at Arizona. We looked like we didn’t even belong on the same field as teams like Wisconsin and OSU that year who beat us by 1 and 3 points, respectively.

        Ferentz has been lucky enough to coach at a school that is in a prime location for recruiting. Recruits just line up around the corner to get a chance to play at Iowa, which is the only reason we seem to churn out as much NFL talent as anyone in the Big 10 since Ferentz has been here. Imagine if we had a coach that could actually evaluate, recruit, and cultivate talent that would keep us competitive with the other teams in the Big 10.

        Since it’s clear that Ferentz will never deliver a team that can win the Big 10, or be a contender for the national championship by being ranked as one of the top 5-10 teams in the second half of the season, or consistently get us to bowl games, we absolutely should cut-ties with him and get a coach that brings more energy to the table. Someone like Paul Rhoads at Iowa State might be able to deliver the kind of results Tim Brewster did at Minnesota, or that Charlie Weiss delivered to Notre Dame.

  • KYle

    Well, JR Hawk, you certainly know how to rant. Sounds like you’re happy with the current state of Iowa football, and that seems to be the case for many people. Let me answer some of your questions.

    You wanted to know how an 8-0 conference record accounts for a second place finish. Here’s how: The other team in the conference to go 8-0 that year was Ohio State. Ohio State represented as the B1G champion and won the National Championship. Iowa clearly finished behind Ohio State that year. In their other “shared title” year, they lost to Michigan 30-17. Michigan placed first in the B1G and represented the conference as the B1G champion, playing in the Rose Bowl. It’s a really good thing there wasn’t a conference championship in 2002 and 2004, or Iowa wouldn’t have had the “shared” titles either.

    As for “manipulating numbers,” I am not dropping off any of Ferentz’s seasons when I say that he has an overall record of 7 wins and 5 losses annually in his 15 years at Iowa. Maybe you can calm down long enough to process that. Maybe.

    As for the Orange Bowl “taking” Iowa “first” in 2002 (Iowa was blown out 38-17 by USC) and leaving the Rose Bowl “wanting Iowa,” the representative of the B1G as champion that year was Ohio State, NOT Iowa, so Iowa was taken as the “at-large” representative to play in the Orange Bowl.

    So, while your spouting off and sounding like a child who had his toy taken away from him, and crying and calling people names, you may want to calm down and think about just how Mr. Ferentz is performing at Iowa. If you’re happy with a team that has only been ranked five times out of his fifteen years there, fine. If you’re happy with Coach Ferentz’s 108-79 overall record, and 64-56 B1G record, fine. Those are pathetic records for a coach being paid 4 million dollars a year. Of course, if you believe Iowa to be an inferior program and are happy with a team that went 12-13 (7-9 B1G) in the past two years, then I understand why you are happy with Coach Ferentz’s performance.

    If not for a ridiculously easy schedule, Iowa would be expected to lose another five games this year. Of course, with teams like Nebraska, Wisconsin, Maryland, Pittsburg, Minnesota and Iowa State on their schedule, they just might lose 5 games anyhow.

    But that’s expected at Iowa. Like I said before, if I were an Iowa fan, 2020 couldn’t get here fast enough.

    • KarmaKiller

      You sound like a swell guy. Bet you’re a peach to be around at Holidays.

      Douchey is douchey

      • Kyle

        You sound like you’re not that bright. Are you happy with the success of the Iowa football program? How does it compare against the other teams in the B1G? Is it comparable to Ohio State, Nebraska, Michigan, Michigan State, and Penn State? Or is it more comparable to Indiana, Purdue, Minnesota, Northwestern and Illinois? If you’re a fan who’s happy with how the Iowa program is performing, especially over the past few years, then you must have very low expectations. If so, I understand why you’re happy with your favorite team’s head coach. As a B1G fan, I think Iowa football should be doing better. There certainly isn’t a lack of money. The facilities are excellent, and being in the B1G is a plus. If Coach Ferentz was in his fourth or fifth year and had an 8 loss season that would be bad; to have an 8 loss season in the 14th year is very bad. If Iowa ever wants to compete with Ohio State, Nebraska, Michigan, Michigan State, etc, then there needs to be coaching change. Fifteen years in the B1G with a 64-56 record is bad-especially when Iowa is paying the head coach 4 million dollars a year.

  • Kyle

    Nice manipulation of numbers. By taking away his first two seasons, where he lost 10 and 9 games respectively, you skewed the numbers to fit your biased argument. If you use his actual numbers, you will see that he averages 5 losses per year, and 7 wins. Not very good. Since 2010, his teams average 6.75 wins and 6 losses annually. In 2012, he had an 8 loss season. If not for an ironclad contract, he would have been fired. His team went 8-5 last year, and Ferentz was praised for turning his team around. Really? He had an 8 loss season in his 14th year as head coach, and in his 15th year he had a 5 loss season and receives praise? Wow. This is why Iowa will never be a serious contender under his leadership. His teams have been ranked only five times in his fifteen years as head coach, and his teams have never represented the B1G as champion and have 0 Rose Bowl appearances in his 15 years at Iowa. The two “shared” titles he has are really second place finishes to Ohio State and Michigan respectively. Iowa’s program deserves better, and with the outrageous salary Ferentz is paid, deserves much better results than 6+ losses since 2010. I am not a fan of Iowa, so I am glad Ferentz is coaching there. However, if I were an Iowa fan, 2020 couldn’t come fast enough for me. By the way, his overall head coaching record is 120-100. Not good. Not good at all.

    • JRHawk

      So you criticize him for manipulating numbers and come back and manipulate numbers to fit your narrow argument. I’d have you go through the Hayden years, but since you’re not a fan of Iowa and are just on here to waste everybody’s time with your mealy-mouthed bullsh*t. Your little rant is nothing but sophistry. (I’ll wait while you look that up). Talk about manipulation. Of those rankings, three were in the top ten. The Rose Bowl argument is specious in this day and age of the BCS. The Orange Bowl took Iowa first in 2002, and left the Rose wanting Iowa. It was in all the papers. Explain to me genius how an 8-0 conference record accounts for a second place finish? Personally I mind contrary opinions, but you seem to be a lying sack of crap. You say on one hand you’re not a fan, but then you say 2020 can’t get here fast enough. So which one is it? Obviously you don’t have the guts to stand by your little rant.

      • Kyle

        By the way, JRHawk, although I am not a fan of Iowa football, I would like to see them do better in the B1G. Not just for one or two years in a fifteen year span, either. I mean consistently better, representing the conference as one of the better teams. Take a look at what Coach Dantonio has done at Michigan State. He took a team that wasn’t very good, and in seven years time won the Rose Bowl and B1G Championship. I don’t think that will happen under Ferentz. Also, you may want to proofread what you write (especially when you’re attempting to insult someone) and make corrections before posting; otherwise, you just look foolish.

        • The Dude

          Wow you are stupid. KF took over in ’99. They went undefeated in conference play, winning a B10 championship in 2002. The Orange bowl selected before the Rose, so Iowa ended up in the Orange (much to the Rose Bowl’s chagrin). Since you’re posts would indicate that even simple math may be a challenge for you, ’99-’02 is less than 7 years.

          • Kyle

            Can you read? Iowa represented the B1G as the “at large” team in 2002. Ohio State represented the conference as the “conference champion” and played for the National Championship. Ohio State went undefeated in conference play, and the only reason Iowa was undefeated in conference is play is that they didn’t play Ohio State. Only one team can represent the conference as champion, and that was Ohio State, not Iowa. Iowa showed they didn’t belong in the champion slot by getting blown out 38-17 in the Orange Bowl. Ohio State went on to win the National Championship. Yeah, the only reason Iowa has that “shared title” is because there was no conference championship game back then. You’re really not that bright, are you?

    • JRHawk

      BTW: Hayden had a nine loss season in his 19th year.

    • KarmaKiller

      Moron. Criticize massaging numbers by …….massaging numbers.

      This can only mean you are a clown fan. Co tinue to enjoy 3-4 win seasons. PR is a real weiner.

      • Kyle

        “Massaging number by….massaging numbers.” Your statement above simply does not make sense, and I have no idea what you are referring to when you say “Co tinue to enjoy 3-4 win seasons.” Do you know what you’re trying to say?

      • KarmaKiller

        Genius, you accuse the author of manipulating numbers and then you do the same thing.

        You are obviously a clown fan. GFYS

        • Kyle

          Karmakiller, you should learn how to comprehend what you read. Your writing isn’t very clear, and your statements make you appear foolish. “Massaging numbers” indeed. smh.

    • Austin Kreber

      Kyle, a couple of things here. First, I would like to say that I took out the first two seasons as they were not his players mainly and they were switching to a new system. Fry left him with the cupboards bare, those records were hardly his fault. It’s like giving full credit to Gene Chizik for winning the National Championship his first season.
      Also, I agree, if he didn’t have his contract (which is possibly the worst contract in the NCAA) he probably would have been fired after his 8 loss campaign. He does get credit for turning it around as a lot of pundits had Iowa winning 4 games again. They did not expect a turnaround quite like that.
      Also, Iowa didn’t lose to anyone in the Big Ten their 2002 season so I don’t think you can slight that one.Then in 2004, Iowa did lose to Michigan, but Michigan also lost to a different Big Ten team. You can’t say Iowa didn’t deserve the Big Ten title because they lost a game but say Michigan is exempt from the same argument.
      But I divulge, you clearly hate Kirk Ferentz for some reason and I won’t be able to persuade you otherwise, but I do want to ask you a question? Perhaps two.

      1. Who do you think Iowa would realistically be able to get to replace Kirk Ferentz that would do better than what he has done with what limited resources? I really want to know which coach would be able to do that at Iowa better than Ferentz.

      2. Another is, why are you bashing on Ferentz but not talking about what this article is focused on. This article is about how good he is at developing players. All you did is pick one paragraph, (one about the intro and record) and just rant about that. What about the rest of it?

      That is all.

      • Kyle


        To be clear, I don’t hate Kirk Ferentz; I don’t think that he is a very good coach. Now, on to your points.

        First, you excuse Coach Ferentz’s first two seasons. Regardless of the players left to him, to lose 19 games in his first two years is terrible. Those records are his fault, as he was the head coach. If he hadn’t done that well, that would be one thing; but 19 losses? Not good.

        Your second point: Iowa didn’t lose to anyone in the B1G in 2002. Do you know why they didn’t? They didn’t play Ohio State. Iowa didn’t represent the B1G as champion, Ohio State did, and it’s clear that Iowa would not have beaten Ohio State, the team that won the National Championship that year while Iowa was blown out 38-17 in the Orange Bowl. Clearly, if there had been a B1G championship game that year, Iowa would not have the “shared” title. As for the 2004 season, you said it yourself; Michigan beat Iowa, and that “head to head” game placed them in the first place position to represent as the B1G as champion, which they did. Now, on to your questions.

        Who can Iowa realistically get to replace Ferentz? I’d like to point out something first, then I’ll answer that.

        First, look at what Mark Dantonio has done at Michigan State. Michigan State was left with the “cupboards bare,” and their record in 2006 was 4-8 (1-7 B1G.) The next year, they improved to 7-6 (3-5 B1G.) In 2010, they won a “share” of the B1G title, and should have been chosen to represent the conference as champion, as they had beaten the co-champion, Wisconsin, in a “head to head” game. Three years later, they beat Ohio State in the B1G championship game and then represent the B1G conference as champion and win the Rose Bowl. In 2014, they are being picked as one of the two teams most likely to win the B1G. Dantonio did all of this in only 7 years. He turned around a team that wasn’t very good and made it into a great one, a team with 2-3 star recruits, and a recruiting area where Michigan and Ohio State dominate. What do you think Mark Dantonio would do at Iowa?

        What is amazing to me is that so many Iowa fans think, like you mentioned above, that Iowa can’t “realistically” get a coach that wouldn’t do as well as Ferentz. The answer is “Yes they can get a coach that would do better than Ferentz.” Here’s why:

        Iowa is in the B1G. That brand alone attracts top coaches. While Iowa has not historically been a power house program, there is no reason why it can’t be. Their facilities are excellent, they have a great fan base, and they have money to pay a top coach. They’re paying Ferentz 4 million a year!! But, to answer your question directly, the coach that Iowa could get (if they didn’t have to pay Ferentz his HUGE buyout) right now would be Mack Brown.

        If Iowa pursued the services of Mack Brown, offered him the same kind of money Ferentz is getting now, they just might lure that great coach back into the game. While Iowa is no Texas, just imagine what Coach Brown would do at Iowa.

        As to your second question, this article isn’t only focused on how Ferentz develops players. You said he averages 8.2 wins per year, and say that’s “pretty solid.” His actual average is 7.2 games per year and 5.3 losses per year. That’s not “pretty solid,” that’s pathetic.

        In 2009, his team won the Orange Bowl 30-25 over LSU, and finished the year at 11-2, 6-2 B1G. His team was ranked at #7 in both polls, his highest finish ever. He was rewarded with an unbelievable contract. Since that time (4 years), his teams have never been ranked, and his record is 27-24, winning 6.75 games and losing 6 games annually, with a high of 8 wins twice, and a low of 8 losses once, in 2012, his 14th year as head coach. That’s pathetic.

        Iowa deserves better. They pay the money, they have the facilities, and they have good players. Nebraska develops great players and is in the same geographical area as Iowa, with almost half the population. Wisconsin develops great players and they have Michigan and Ohio State and Michigan State to contend with. Michigan State as “little brother” loses recruits to Michigan and of course, Ohio State.

        It’s a tired excuse to say that Coach Ferentz does much with little. No, he doesn’t. How many players are in the NFL from Nebraska? Michigan State? I think you can see my point. Coach Ferentz is paid to win football games. That hasn’t happened. To do “much with little” would be winning football games, and attracting recruits by their wanting to be on a winning team. No recruit would choose to go to Iowa right now when they could go to Nebraska or Wisconsin. Why? Because they can get into the NFL just as easy from those schools, and they will win games.

        When the officials at Iowa decide that they want to have a winning football team, they will release Ferentz. But, with his ironclad buyout, that’s not going to happen. While Kirk Ferentz may be the nicest guy on the planet, he hasn’t done well at Iowa, considering the money he’s paid by the university and his performance over the past fifteen years. An overall record of 108-79 (64-56 B1G) is not good, and considering what he is paid and his performance since obtaining that lucrative contract (27-24, 15-17 B1G) his performance is downright bad. His performance might be good for a school like Indiana, Illinois or even Purdue, but Iowa? No.

        Have a nice day.

        • Gabe

          All I had to read was your suggestion that Mack Brown could do better then Ferentz at Iowa and you lost all credibility. Brown coached at Texas and had the pick of the litter of recruits down there and didn’t have to go hardly 200 miles from his campus to do it. He had a top 10 to top 5 recruiting class every single year he was there. And he was run out of town due to his lack of being able to do what Ferentz is great at and is proven with the above said article and that’s developing kids. If Brown was even a decent coach he’d have won multiple championships and had been in the running for it pretty much every year. He’s left that program (a top 5 program mind you) in the toilet while still landing top recruiting classes. They didn’t have a single player drafted this year. There is no explaining that other then he’s terrible at what you seem to think he’s good at and better then Ferentz at.

          Brown would have been run out sooner had he not been tight with the some of the big boosters there. He had been really underperforming to their expectations too so for you to suggest him makes me think your trolling.

          Yes your right about Dantonio. He’s got MSU rolling right now and guess what program and coach he’s quoted as saying that he was going to pattern his after when he first got there?…. Thats right Ferentz and Iowa. When he first got there thats was what he said. I give him his credit he’s built them up for sure. But if you think Iowa is on the same wave length with them on recruiting you just don’t understand it..He’s focused on player development as well but he’s able to recruit better kids then Iowa. Just look at the recruiting rankings the last 4 or 5 yrs. That in and of itself makes Austins point here in the article. What Ferentz has done is more impressive when he’s starting out with the kids he’s gets compared to the others. So maybe he could do as well as Ferentz but it’s by no means a guarantee. But why on earth would he want to go to Iowa when he can be where he is starting out with more 3 and 4 star kids then he would at Iowa. He’s getting paid pretty well over there too.

          So all that rambling you did is pretty pointless if that’s your line of thinking. You have the right to your opinion on his record being what it is. But your analysis of how his first 2 years is so wrong. If you can’t comprehend how when coaches first take over programs especially ones with an empty cupboard take time to develop then debating this with you is pointless. No coach would want you as an AD based on your unfair non understanding way of thinking.

          • Gabe

            Also so by you suggesting Brown and Dantonio your also saying that they would actually accept the Iowa job? Because that was a big part of the question as well. I don’t think Dantonio would leave MSU for Iowa now. And Brown is old and I highly doubt he’d do it either..

          • Kyle

            Wow! Lot of rambling going on there, Gabe!! If you paid attention to what I wrote, you would have seen that I never suggested that Dantonio take over Iowa. With what he has accomplished at MSU, and with MSU being a better overall program than Iowa and in the B1G as well, there is no point to him taking over at Iowa. I pointed out that he did a great job with a subpar program (at the time) and with the same problems Ferentz faces, has done an outstanding job. Ferentz could learn from Dantonio. By my saying just imagine what Dantonio could do at Iowa, one shouldn’t take that to mean that I am suggesting that he go there.

            Yes, Mack Brown was “run out of town” as you put it, even though his record was 8-5 in his final year. Ferentz’s record was 8-5 last year, and he was applauded for doing a good job. Brown’s was 8-5 and he was fired. You say that Brown left the Texas program “in the toilet.” Well, where has Ferentz left Iowa’s program? Brown’s overall coaching record at Texas is 158-48 in sixteen years. Compare that to Ferentz’s 108-79 in 15 years. Brown won a NC at Texas. Ferentz has never played for one, and has never even been close to one. Where you lose all credibility is thinking that Brown isn’t a “decent coach,” Brown’s National Championship Ring, accompanied with a 158-48 (98-33 Big 12) record prove you have no idea what you are talking about.

            How many years would you give Ferentz to do what Mack Brown did at Texas? Sure, Ferentz’s teams lost 19 games in the first two years, but forgetting those, where is the program? In fifteen years where is Iowa? In the fourteenth year, Ferentz had an 8 loss season. You can’t blame the previous coach for that record. In his fifteenth year, he had another five loss season? I’m sure you don’t blame Ferentz for that one, either. So, who is to blame for his 64-56 record in the B1G? Obviously, you don’t think he is.

            Your way of thinking will ensure that Iowa remains exactly where it is; at the bottom level of the B1G. You have contented yourself with a 64-56 B1G record, and even applaud the coach who brought it there. Never will Iowa be at the level of Nebraska, Ohio State, Michigan, or even Michigan State or Penn State with your way of thinking. It’s time for a new coach. When asked who might take the Iowa job, I think Mack Brown might. You thinking that he isn’t a good coach, while thinking that Ferentz is, is laughable. I know that I won’t be able to change your way of thinking; you’re too happy with a team that has been mediocre since 2010, and has only been ranked 5 out of the 15 seasons they’ve played under their head coach. Even with Iowa’s very easy schedule this year, no one outside of Iowa thinks they will make the playoffs. And they won’t. Under Ferentz, Iowa will be at best mediocre, and at worst 4-8.

            Oh, and the only reason he wasn’t fired after the 2012 season was due to his contract.

            You seem to be happy with 8-5 high seasons and 4-8 low seasons, so enjoy!

            I think it’s pathetic, and I’d like to see Iowa rise to the elite level with Ohio State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State, rather than see them in the bottom half of the B1G with Purdue, Illinois, Indiana, etc. But under Ferentz, that isn’t going to happen.

            It’s too bad. And it’s too bad that so many Iowa fans have accepted it.

          • Austin Kreber

            I started typing out a response until I realized that I was basically saying the exact same thing as you. Mack Brown has averaged 7 wins over the past four years, same as Iowa, yet Texas has an way more resources.

            Also like you said, Dantonio tried to do the same as Ferentz in both how his program is run and how his teams play. Your response was dead on! I don’t have anything else to add.

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    Good article.

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