Pittsburgh Penguins: Top free agents still out there

The Pittsburgh Penguins roster is all but set next year as they have filled some big holes in free agency. They upgraded their defense, their bottom six, and their goaltending.

With restricted free agents  Brandon Sutter and Nick Spaling left to sign, the Penguins could have very little room to make a signing to get their 13th forward. Who could that be? Let’s take a look.

David Booth

This is a player I’ve been reading and hearing that the Penguins have a lot of interest in. He has been riddled with injuries these past few seasons which has really put his productivity down. He used to be a 30 goal scorer but I don’t think he will ever return to that form ever again, but he can still provide depth in the bottom six and could be an every night player.

Booth would most likely come to Pittsburgh on a one year deal but I don’t know how cheap he will be. Pittsburgh should have enough cap space to sign him as Booth is very interested in joining the Penguins.  If this signing were to happen, it would happen in a couple weeks after the Penguins resign Brandon Sutter and Nick Spaling.

Grading the Pittsburgh Penguins free agency

Devin SetoguchiDevin  Setoguchi

This is a player who I think is severely underrated going into next season. He, like Booth, is not what he used to be, but Setoguchi could put up 20 goals a season for your team.

I have not read that the Penguins are very interested in Setoguchi since he may cost too much- they are very much up against the salary cap.  He would most likely be a top six player. I would want him on the top six because he has the ability to score 20 goals a season and get over 40 points.

There are possiblities such as moving Pascal Dupuis from the 1st line to the 3rd line- the Pens have no idea how good he will be this year since he’s coming off of ACL surgery- and replace him with Setoguchi. Pittsburgh could also put him on Malkin’s line and move Beau Bennett down to the third line where I think he would do well since he would have Brandon Sutter. We’ll see if Pittsburgh has any interest in this player in the coming days/weeks/months after they sign Sutter and Spaling.

  • Christopher Anderson

    Oh I love the idea of getting Setoguchi you’re absolutely right very underrated could see him flourish on a line with Crosby or Malkin, has a uniqueness to him in his style of play.

    • Hunter Hodies

      Yeah same. I just worry about the cap space. I don’t know how much he wants.