New York Giants: Start of training camp

New York Giants

Chris Snee

The New York Giants are off to an interesting start with training camp. A career has ended and they have already faced injury two days in. Let’s hope the rest of camp goes a little smoother, or we’ll be in for a rough couple of weeks.

On Monday, Chris Snee’s ten years in the NFL came to an end, an end most people saw coming except for Snee. He broke the news to the media at Timex Performance Center and tried to keep it together. He thought he could power through one more year but finally came to the realization that just wasn’t going to happen.

As we know, Snee had hip and elbow issues that weren’t going away. He tore both of his hip labrums and underwent surgery on his elbow this offseason. A couple surgeries later and he still felt the pain but continued to put his body through OTAs. He could not lift properly in the weight room because of his elbow so holding up through a beating on the field didn’t seem likely in his case.

Snee regretfully is leaving his career behind but was told by John Mara that he will be inducted into the team’s “ring of honor.” Snee put his heart and soul into these past ten years and will surely be missed. His leaving allows for Giant Brandon Mosley and former Dolphin John Jerry to step up and try claiming the position. His shoes will be hard to fill but hopefully Mosley gets first stab at the position that is if he doesn’t let the heat get to him.

The heat took two of my favorite potential position holders down when training camp officially began on Tuesday. Mosley and Xavier Grimble were carted off the field due to “heat related issues.” These men have been playing football for how long and they can’t get the fundamentals down? The exact reason hasn’t been released but I’m assuming dehydration. These guys should know how to properly hydrate by now- it seems that their conditioning may be an issue.

As I said just before, Mosley is going to attempt to take Snee’s spot at guard but that’s not going to happen if he’s carted off the field for heat exhaustion or whatever else happens in the heat. The same goes for Grimble, since he is in the race for tight end. That position is too far up in the air to be siting on the sidelines.

New York Giants

Jameel McClain

Jameel McClain also was taken off the field because he injured his left foot. He received x-rays Tuesday night and they were ruled to be negative. Thankfully this injury wasn’t too severe and he was able to get back to practice Wednesday.

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Hopefully these minor injuries were just a case of the training camp jitters because the Giants don’t have time to deal with little things. They have to use this time wisely and lock down the 53-man roster and have all of the positions covered. With Chris Snee really out of the game they need to reevaluate who can hold it down like he did. I can say with confidence that I believe they’ll shake it off and start anew next week.