New York Giants: Early impressions from training camp

The New York Giants began training camp a mere four days ago and got off to a shaky start. Several Giants were carted off the field for heat related injuries and Odell Beckham Jr. is nursing a sore hamstring on the sidelines. This wasn’t the picture most of us were envisioning for the first week of camp but many Giants are rising to the occasion.

Lets dive into Odell Beckham Jr. first. Beckham injured his hamstring and missed a great deal of spring practice time. He came onto the field for training camp and injured it again. Now we see him training on the sidelines in preparation to get back on the field hopefully sooner than later. Yes, disappointing but I suppose not his fault. I’d hope to see him in the game shortly, the number one draft pick has to prove himself.

Another disappointment we have seen is Adrien Robinson. The tight end came to the Giants and has had pressure put upon him ever since. Many are expecting him to perform but he hasn’t done so yet. In his first two seasons of his NFL career he did not catch one pass. You would think he would be going all out in practice to show he has what it takes but it doesn’t seem to be that way. With this much pressure to lock down a tight end you would think he would try and step up to the plate and do what he needs to do.

New York Giants

Andre Williams

When it comes to rookie Andre Williams I’m hearing mixed reviews. It seems that the Giants have devised a plan for Williams and are following through with it. The running back has been taking a slew of carries at camp this week and has been working on his performance in the passing game. However, from what I’ve seen he can’t keep his hands on the ball. A lot of drops and easy catches missed are pretty concerning.

Williams has been given a lot of attention and I’m happy with that. Some scouts didn’t believe he would be a good player so investing time in his gameplay is worth it to me. Its still early so I think Williams should be NFL material by the end of training camp; for now it’s a waiting game.

The last player that has stood out at camp is Mathias Kiwanuka. For me overall I believe he has been the most impressive player so far. He has been basically running the defensive side of things; batting down Eli Manning’s pass and making Ryan Nassib feel a little bit more inferior then before. He’s a quick runner and makes it to the backfield in record time. I like where things are going with Kiwanuka so I really hope he keeps up the good work. The Giants need a solid defense just as much as they do offense and he seems to be the guy.

All in all the Giants have been really trying to get it together. I think they just need this week to feel each other out and start to gel together. They have a significant amount of time left but shouldn’t waste it. The Giants have serious potential to be a really good team.