UFC: Nick Diaz is back

Nick Diaz UFC 143

Nick Diaz staring down his opponent Carlos Condit at UFC 143

I am an admitted Nick Diaz fan so when he decided to call it quits in 2013, a little piece of me died inside. I realized that I may no longer see someone get flipped the bird in the middle of a stare down. I was no longer going to get five-minute tirades that I can decipher later like crossword puzzles. There would be no more classic call outs like when Diaz claimed the UFC was selling wolf tickets and when he concocted the greatest quote in MMA at rival KJ Noons expense, “don’t be scared homie.” More than any of Diaz’s actions that I find comical, I was no longer going to get a chance to watch one of the most diverse, aggressive, scrappy fighters step inside the cage and do battle.

Then on July 24, 2014, Nick Diaz decided to restore balance to the universe and signed a three-fight contract with the UFC.

Diaz had been sitting on the shelf for the past year enjoying retirement and the perks that come along with it, like long weekends, traveling and not getting punched in the face all day.

UFC president Dana White had tried to lure Diaz back into the octagon with rumored fights like a rematch against Carlos Condit or a top contender fight with Hector Lumbard but Diaz was not coming out of retirement for anything less than a title shot or a big payday.

White did not give in to Diaz’s demands and let the Stockton, California native take as much time off as he wanted, but while Diaz relaxed in the California sunshine, the fans spoke up for him.

From MMA blogs to Fox Sports 1, Diaz fans made their voices heard. Even while in the midst of retirement Diaz was considered the fan favorite, by a wide margin, to be the next in line for a title shot.

UFC: Nick Diaz is worth the money

With so much attention given to a fighter who isn’t fighting anymore, Dana White knew that he could no longer allow such a widely loved, polarizing figure like Diaz sit on the sidelines.

Diaz is back and is set to fight sometime early 2015. There are plenty of rumors as to who his first opponent may be but the most intriguing of them all is a super fight with arguably the greatest fighter of all time, Anderson Silva.

Silva has expressed interests in fighting Diaz and with Silva still recovering from a leg injury the timing in which to make this fight happen couldn’t be more perfect.

The whole situation couldn’t have played out better for Diaz.

He wanted time off, he got it, he wanted to get paid, they paid him, he wanted a big fight, well the UFC hasn’t announce who he will fight in his return but my guess is that Diaz wouldn’t put pen to paper unless it was a fight he wanted.

With Nick Diaz finally getting paid we can only wonder if his younger brother Nate will get the same opportunity.

Nate had recently pushed to renegotiate his contract but was met with less enthusiasm then his brother.

Even though Nate Diaz has the third most fight bonuses of any fighter in the UFC, behind only Anderson Silva and Joe Lauzon, the debate over whether Nate is a needle pusher like Nick has been an ongoing conversation over the past few weeks.

Dana White’s argument is that Nate doesn’t put fans in the seats and he’s 2-2 in his last four fights. Also, the back and forth on twitter  between White and Nate’s manager Mike Kogan doesn’t help either.

Regardless, the people have spoken and one half of the Diaz brothers will step foot back inside cage. I can barely contain my excitement for what is to come. I can see it now. The lights dim low and the guitar rift from Deftones, “Feiticeira,” echoes throughout the arena as Stockton’s prodigal son rises from the ashes to whip some ass once more. And who knows, maybe 2pac’s, “Balled of a dead soulja,” will play in the ring entrance for the fight after that.