Will Cleveland Cavaliers trade Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love?

Number one draft pick, Andrew Wiggins, is all the talk around the league right now, including him being traded for Kevin Love.

The Cavaliers are all the talk in NBA press, as they are trying to pursue, All-Star Kevin Love, to add to their roster. In order to get him, Minnesota is only wanting Wiggins in return.

With LeBron James coming back to his home town team, he wants to make sure he brings home a championship banner of his home. If getting Love added to roster is what it takes, he is behind it.

The Cavs and the Timberwolves have been discussing a trade for Love ever since James signed back with the Cavs. The Timberwolves are strict on getting Wiggins in whatever deal they make for Love, but sources around the league report that the Cavs will sign the rookie soon. This will make him ineligible for a trade for at least 30 days according to NBA rules.

The Cavaliers have a big decision to make as far as forming a championship team. With the best player on the planet, James, a top guard in the league, Kyrie Irving, and no. 1 pick Wiggins, getting Love would just add to one of the top starting rosters in the League.  It will be tough for them to get both Wiggins and Love but if they settle for the trade, they will still be a good contender with coming out top in the East.

Love averaged 26.1 points a game last season while also getting his third All-Star appearance. It would be ideal to trade him for Wiggins now, since they would be getting talent as well as experience from a league veteran.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Andrew Wiggins

Wiggins has a lot of talent, but he is only 19 years old and has one year of college behind him. Putting that much pressure on a rookie to help carry his team to a championship might be too much for the young star right now. He also has a lot to learn along the way and gain knowledge that Love already has.

Whether the Cavs get the trade or not, it should be an exciting season for the team, as well as for the fans. They have a good starting roster and the king is back in town. So who knows what is it store, but we all know what is the main goal, and that is bringing a title back to the town of Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Draftdog

    Wiggins for Love is shortsighted and foolish, but then that’s what we have come to expect from Cavalier ownership.

  • Michael Cunningham

    Word is that K. Love doesn’t want to opt in to his contract. If that’s the case then no one will trade for him. There’s not another team that wants to endure another Dwight Howard to the Lakers deal. Giving up Wiggins, McDermott or Thompson or any other future All Star is too much to ask for a one year rental.

  • Alfredo Jones

    So hoping this trade doesn’t happen. I would rather keep Wiggins, he’s more athletic, a way better defender and has a huge upside. Love is an offensive stat stuffer, but a liability on defense. Read the SH piece analyzing the Wiggins for Love deal and why its bad for CLE, good read: http://straighthoops.com/whats_love_got_to_do_with_it.html

    • HoBoDaKing

      Could not agree with you more. I’ll also add if anyone thinks that Love will average the same amount of points on a team with LeBron and Kyrie they are delusional.