Los Angeles Dodgers trade rumors: Will Ned Colletti pull the trigger?

For about a month, I’ve been writing about potential trades to improve the Los Angeles Dodgers.

With only five days left until the trade deadline, Ned Colletti and the Dodgers still haven’t made any trades.

In Colletti’s time with the Dodgers, he has pulled off some stunners before the deadline. The biggest one was a last minute deal that brought Manny Ramirez from Boston to LA.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Manny-wood was arguably Ned Colletti’s biggest deadline move in his Dodgers tenure

Most of the big trades the Dodgers have pulled off during Colletti’s tenure have been pulled off quietly. Nobody was talking about Manny to LA. Or Hanley Ramirez to LA. Or even the Nick Punto trade. Colletti has done a good job in the past of not showing his hand until the very last minute.

This year, the Dodgers have been subject of many trade rumors. If Colletti is smart, the Dodgers’ roster will look slightly different in about a week.

For starters, the Dodgers have a huge problem in the outfield. They have too many outfielders that are overpaid and underperforming, and the best option in center field might be a 22-year-old kid in AAA, but to expect Joc Pederson to do what Yasiel Puig did last year is unrealistic

The Dodgers statistically have one of the best starting rotations in baseball. Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke and Hyun-Jin Ryu are arguably the best top three of any rotation in the league. As a number four starter this year, Josh Beckett has been pitching out of his mind. However, Beckett struggled in his first start after the All-Star break, fresh off a DL stint for a torn labrum in his hip. Beckett had been overperforming all season, and this injury isn’t going to help him sustain his incredible first half.

The Dodgers fifth starter, Dan Haren, is a very interesting case. The Pepperdine product has been horrible of late and has failed to get past the sixth inning in six of his last seven starts. Haren is owed $10 million this season, and has an option for next season that kicks in if Haren pitches more than 180 innings this year. Haren is already at 122 innings pitched, so unless the Dodgers want to pay him another $10 million next year, the Dodgers need to acquire a back-end starter in the coming week, or throw Paul Maholm into the fifth spot in the rotation.

The Dodgers also have a huge problem in their bullpen. Kenley Jansen has been good this season, and J.P. Howell has been even better. After them, the rest of the pen has been a huge disappointment. Chris Perez and Maholm should be mop-up guys at this point. Brian Wilson had a great June, but has been awful for most of the season. Brandon League has been surprisingly great, but has mostly been used in low-pressure situations. Paco Rodriguez is waiting in the minors, and Scott Elbert is working his way back from an injury, but the Dodgers could definitely use another bullpen arm or two.

The Dodgers have seemed unwilling to trade any of their big name prospects. Don’t expect Pederson, Corey Seager or Julio Urias to be a part of a blockbuster trade in the next week. I don’t think the Dodgers will make any drastic moves in the next week, but I do think they will make a couple smaller, yet still impactful trades to shore up the back end of their rotation and strengthen their bullpen.



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  • Will

    Come on, the two we want are Lester or Price. Give up Pederson and one or two other prospects and one of those teams will bite. You add Lester to this rotation and you are the favorite to win it all. We already have too many outfielders.

    • Mujo67

      Since Lester is a FA after this year, you could probably have him for Peterson straight up, especially since the Sox need someone who can play OF AND hit for power.

  • Carl Rice

    I would be willing to package Kemp and Crawford,, and toss in a Wilson to get a 5th Starter,, If Pederson can fill the shoes ,,, bring him up,,, But ,,, if NOT,, ??
    I like Hanley,,, But if his glove and his and Throwing is costing more games than his Bat Wins,, He should be in the Mix,,, Bill Russell tossed plenty of throws over Garvey’s Reach,,, But those Dodgers were in the World Series almost every year,,, Hitting wins Games,,,Pitching Wins World Series’s,,, We have gone thru the longest Drought in Dodger History without a WS appearance,,, Lets get a “Ring” for Vin Scully,,,

  • craigbhill

    Two i’d get rid of would be Haren and Crawford, and the farm should and i believe will remain untouchable. The trouble is, as you’ve touched on, we couldn’t get rid of the two mentioned because they and everyone else i’d keep make too much $$$$$ to be traded. The best we’d get for them would be little, and we’d still have to pay their salaries.

    Think of this another way: Bring up Alex Guerrero to play on the left side of the infield, lefty Chris Reed to start and Joc Pederson to play an unplatooned LEFT. Cut the least productive three players (arsonists in the BP), or trade them and pay their salaries to get some decent prospects for the farm OR to replace them in the pen. Trade Hanley to the DH league for one or two of those prospects—his D is like the La Brea Tar Pits for October and since he isn’t going to be re-signed we should try to get something for him before he’s a free agent.. That would be my one big trade and it wouldn’t cost us anyone on the farm, indeed we’d be adding to it, a very important part of a plan.

    THEN whichever OFers are left after Joc, Puig and Kemp, are put ON THE BENCH and to spot start. Ethier is already a proven clutch pinchhitter off the bench. If we can’t get rid of Crawford he can join him there. So what if we have the most expensive bench in baseball?! We’d have one of the best too. SVS can back up AGon, as he has, and come off the bench for late-inning pop, which he also already has been adept in doing. The untradeably overpaid Haren could be put in the pen for long relief/mop-up. Reed would replace him as the 5th starter. Maholm would have been cut or thrown in on a trade for prospects. However we do it, we cut the wheat from the chaff and bring up youth. None of whom would have to be traded away in a big massacre of the farm.

    And we DON’T trade for David Price. TB wants 100 of our best prospects for him. They can go to…elsewhere.

    Then cut me in on a WS ring for showing the way to get younger and better with what we already have.