VCU Basketball: What new arena amenities may bring to the team

Ever since the Rams made it to the Final Four in 2011 VCU has seen much more attention and, let’s face it, money. Once the basketball program received national recognition, that attention trickled down to the university as a whole too. New class buildings, dorms and common areas have been built for the students. More money poured into the basketball program over the past few years as well and with Shaka staying and creating more havoc it won’t stop any time soon.

Fans display Havoc flag while cheering on VCU from the Siegel Center

Fans display Havoc flag while cheering on VCU from the Siegel Center

The Ram’s arena, the Stuart C. Siegel Center, may look like a new place after the most recent updates are done. Many have criticized the size of the arena, as it only seats a little over 7,000 fans. Compare that number to the Cameron Stadium where Duke plays. This stadium seats over 9,000 fans. The Rams didn’t lose one home game last season. . Although more fans would love to attend VCU’s games, it’s obvious that the stadium is doing just fine for the team for now. VCU has success at home not only because of their home team advantage but because of the small size of the arena. It gets LOUD in there. With most games being sold out, home games for the Rams get rowdy and noisy which adds more stress to their opponents.

Players and fans have more to look forward to in the arena now with the release of the newest additions. The Siegel Center will be getting an LED video display system hung in the center of the court. This will give fans even more chances to interact with the game and more replays, causing excitement. The center will also be getting an all new sound system which can only make the place even noisier. Finally, VCU will be adding a ribbon display in the arena to better advertise their sponsors. With more ads come more sponsors, so fans can bet that more business may be getting on board with the Rams as well.

A new LED display screen will hang center court for fans to enjoy

A new LED display screen will hang center court for fans to enjoy

VCU also adapted an all new logo for the school this past year. The new logo is much more eye grabbing and contemporary. It came at the right time as the basketball program and school in general are taking off. Fans now have an all new look, both in the arena and with their logo, to rally around.

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