Milwaukee Brewers should stay quiet at trade deadline

The MLB trade deadline is approaching, and some teams have already sprung into action. The Cardinals acquired A.J. Pierzynski, the Giants got Jake Peavy, and the Angels got Huston Street. Earlier we saw the Athletics grab both Jeff Samardjia and Jason Hammel from the Cubs.

Rumors are swirling around players like David Price, Cliff Lee, Joaquin Benoit, and others. Milwaukee Brewers GM Doug Melvin has stated he has been aggressive in contacting teams, but it’s not like that comment means anything. You can’t be a GM and say to the media, “Yeah, I’ve been twiddling my thumbs for the past week.” Fans of the game all love the mystery that shrouds the days leading up to and including the trade deadline. They need that aura of mystery. They crave it. I usually do too.

Milwaukee Brewers

Doug Melvin shouldn’t make a move at the trade deadline.

But this season, I am not craving for a move from the Milwaukee Brewers. I believe all the pieces are already in place, and that they should remain quiet.


Well, getting anyone of great value, like a David Price or Joaquin Benoit, means giving up a package of prospects at the very least. The Brewers have only just begun getting their farm system back to one of substance. Sacrificing some top prospects does not make sense. The Padres, who already dealt Huston Street, are saying they want an impressive package to deal away Benoit. The same is true for the Rays and Price.

Getting a big name at the deadline also likely means taking on big salaries. I’ve heard rumors swirling in the past days and weeks that Ryan Howard and Cliff Lee could be moves to make, but I scoffed at those immediately. Sure, first base is probably the Brewers’ weakest position, but the Ryan Howard today is not the Ryan Howard of six years ago. And I don’t care how much of his gargantuan salary the Phillies are willing to absorb (probably not nearly enough), he’s no better than Mark Reynolds. Reynolds may be a streaky hitter and a frequent strikeout victim, but right now he is on his game. Now is not the time to sit him down for a newcomer.

Lee’s got a hefty contract too and isn’t worth it. I say let the Phillies drown in their big contracts. Don’t bring that to Milwaukee. The fact that the Brewers had a scout watching a Phillies game in which Lee pitched scares me just a bit, but not a substantial amount. The scout could have been there for anyone, or just as a decoy. See? There’s that shroud of mystery again.

The one trade I would’ve supported is if the Brewers had gotten Huston Street. Francisco Rodriguez is a solid closer (except on Friday), but Street is just such a lock for the ninth inning these days. I still trust Rodriguez to be the Brewers’ closer. Having Street in the bullpen just wouldn’t have hurt, either. But I digress.

The Milwaukee Brewers have a great team put together that is having success right now, and there’s no need to mess with what works. The Brewers don’t have a plethora of prospects to make a blockbuster deal happen, and the guys available have salaries too steep for my taste anyway. Just stay the course, Milwaukee. Stay the course.