Former Michigan State QB Brian Hoyer outplaying Manziel

It’s happening.

Call it #Spartanswill, call it #Hoyermania, call it what you will, but according to multiple reports, including this one by Pat McManamon of ESPN, former Michigan State quarterback Brian Hoyer is solidly outplaying his counterpart, Johnny Manziel, for the Cleveland Browns’ starting quarterback job.

“I think Brian’s been phenomenal,” Browns GM Ray Farmer says in the article. “He’s handled it like a pro, which is what you would like. He’s a man’s man. He didn’t cry over spilled milk. He attacked his rehab. He was here probably more than anybody. I think I work a lot of hours, and there weren’t many hours that I was in the building that Brian wasn’t somewhere working on his craft. Be it the meeting room, the indoor facility, the weight room, he did everything he could to put himself in the best position possible.”

When you stack Hoyer and Manziel up against each other (like in this column), it really is incredible just how opposite the two actually are: Manziel, the 21-year-old superstar Heisman Trophy winner vs. Hoyer, the 28-year-old undrafted, hometown underdog playing for his fourth NFL franchise.

There’s still a long way to go but so far, the starting job is Hoyer’s to lose.

Johnny Manziel (left) and Brian Hoyer (right).

Johnny Manziel (left) and Brian Hoyer (right).