Ohio State Football: Braxton Miller in best shape of his life

It’s no secret that Braxton Miller is going to be the key to the Ohio State football team’s success in 2014, so it is music to Buckeye fan’s ears to hear from coach Urban Meyer that he is completely healthy.

“Our quarterback is ready to go,” Meyer said, “He’s full speed, in the best shape of his life.”

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That is a scary thought for Big Ten defenses. Braxton Miller is in better shape now than he was when he won two consecutive Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year awards? Yikes.

After being banged up for most of last season Miller admits he wasn’t in great shape last year and has dedicated himself to improving that.

“Last year I wasn’t in as good of shape as I am right now,” Miller said, “We’ve got a long season ahead…it’s going to pay off in the end.”

That long season that Miller is referring to is filled with talented opponents who play physical defense. In addition to conference match-ups with Michigan State, Michigan and Penn State the Buckeyes face off with Virginia Tech week two. Miller had a tough time making it through the first few weeks of last season; throw an opponent like Virginia Tech into the mix and all of a sudden the season gets that much longer.

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Miller said he is up to 220 pounds, about five pounds heavier than he was last season. That doesn’t sound like a huge difference, but Miller made it clear that it is.

“Right now I feel so great,” Miller said.

That extra five pounds of muscle will be crucial this year when it comes to absorbing hits, which, according to Urban Meyer, will probably be happening a lot.

“Do we try to slow Braxton down?” Meyer said, “Absolutely not.”

Meyer went on to say that he hopes to throw the ball more next season, especially if the Buckeye wide receivers continue to improve. He also said the offensive scheme might be slightly adjusted so Miller gets the ball out of his hands quicker and avoids taking hits.

Ohio State goes as Braxton Miller goes and early indications are that Miller is ready to do everything in his power to stay on the field this year, so fans of the scarlet and grey can breathe easy for now.

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