VCU Basketball: Trey Lowe narrows interest and keeps VCU on his list

Trey Lowe has narrowed his interests to four schools. VCU makes the cut along with SMU, Temple and fellow A-10 competitor, Saint Joseph’s.

VCU fans wait in suspense for Lowe’s final decision because he would be perfect for Shaka’s team. Lowe is quick on offense but especially on defense as he’s skilled at stealing the ball. He’s a 6-5, 165 pound shooting guard with many more qualities than just the textbook description of what a shooting guard should be. Lowe’s long shot is on point as his length allows him to shoot outside the arc well and his strength and speed allow him to muscle his way to the basket. Lowe averaged 27.8 PPG in his latest high school season. With his defensive driven style and the contact ball he plays, Lowe’s growth would have no limits with the Ram’s havoc style program. On the other hand, VCU’s program would soar with an ESPN 2015 top 100 recruit like Lowe.

Lowe does have a tough decision though. VCU’s program is in an enormous growth period right now. No, they don’t have an NCAA Tournament title yet, but they are on their way. Each season the Rams earn more national recognition and have better recruiting classes than ever before. The question is, for players like Lowe, do they want to help build a program and make history, or join a team who has been doing it for longer.

VCU vs Saint Joseph's in the 2014 A-10 Championship game  (Photo: Anthony Gruppuso Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports)

VCU vs Saint Joseph’s in the 2014 A-10 Championship game
(Photo: Anthony Gruppuso Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports)

When it comes to numbers VCU has been to the NCAA Tournament 13 times.  SMU has been 10 times, SJU has been 20 and Temple has been 30. None of these teams have won an NCAA Championship title yet, so really Lowe has the chance make it there with any of these teams for the first time. One of the big differences in these programs though is the rate of growth. VCU has really only been on wide scale radar since their historic Final Four run in 2011. The program has accomplished great things in this small amount of time and at this rate, big things will come quickly. Additionally, Lowe already plays like a Ram with his speed and athleticism. Not everyone has the quick mind/body that can make it at VCU, but Lowe appears to. Fans will soon see which program he finds most fitting.

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