Baltimore Orioles trade rumors: Final deadline update

baltimore orioles

The Red Sox are looking to move Jon Lester before Thursday’s deadline

With the trade deadline finally just days away, things seem to be getting clearer on the trade rumor front. Certain players are off the market, while others are definitely on it, and for those players, the asking price has been set. Unfortunately for the Baltimore Orioles, the likelihood of a trade before Thursday’s deadline seems to be getting smaller and smaller by the hour.

Weeks ago, speculation of the Orioles grabbing a top name pitcher seemed possible, from there the rumors shifted to more middle of the road starters, along with position players and/or relievers. Now, just days away, it seems as though the Orioles won’t be making any moves before the trade deadline, and if they do, it would come as a major surprise.

Dan Duquette, the VP of Baseball Operations for the Orioles, said over the weekend that the team was looking to improve its starting rotation depth. However, he also stated that the O’s would not be willing to trade any of their big name prospects (Kevin Gausman, Dylan Bundy, Hunter Harvey). Even though a trade seems less and less likely for the Orioles, there are still some players the team is rumored to be interested in.

To start is Red Sox ace Jon Lester. Boston seems prepared to unload, already trading pitcher Jake Peavy, and putting other players on the market like reliever Andrew Miller, outfielder Jonny Gomes, and now Lester. Lester was scratched from his start today, potentially due to trade talks heating up, and the Orioles were one of four teams said to be deeply interested in the lefty. Unfortunately, he would likely come at the price of a big name prospect or two, and has been outspoken on the fact that at the end of the season he would like to return back to Boston to finish his career wit the Red Sox.

Another big name pitcher on the market is Phillies’ pitcher Cole Hamels. The Phillies’ seem to be hesitant to trade any of their players, even with the type of season they have been having. They have made it clear that if they were to deal Hamels, it would come at a major price and they would have to be blown away by an offer. Giving the Phillies an offer they can’t refuse is something the Orioles are most likely not interested in doing.

While these big names have been said to be on the market, the Orioles have dropped out of the sweepstakes for other players such as catcher Kurt Suzuki, who would have been a nice fit for the team coming down the stretch. Likewise, Rays’ pitcher David Price seems to be off the market, as the Rays believe they can salvage their season.

In reality, a trade before the deadline is likely not going to happen, and if it did, it would be a major surprise to all O’s fans. Fortunately, that does not mean no more moves can be made, as trades after the deadline can still happen through waivers and the Orioles would be wise to take advantage of the opportunity they have this season.