Colorado Rockies: Will LaTroy Hawkins be a Rockie in 24 hours?

Twenty-four hours. A lot can happen in twenty-four hours. Just ask Jack Bauer.

For the Colorado Rockies, a lot needs to happen in the next 24 hours. Rumors are swirling around Troy Tulowitzki, like they always seem to. So too are talks regarding closer LaTroy Hawkins. Even Brett Anderson has caught the attention of interested parties.

Look at this way, Colorado’s got the pieces to get value before the trade deadline. They’ve also got the opportunity to free up a lot of financial space and start really retooling the franchise. The current trajectory cannot get much lower.LaTroy  Hawkins

In the case of LaTroy Hawkins, a 41-year-old closer whose pitching far better than he should; it would be crazy for the Rox to not make a move. The Pittsburgh Pirates, also linked to talks about Red Sox ace Jon Lester, seem ready to make a run for an National League title this year. Reaching out to Colorado regarding Hawkins, it would seem as if the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

The Colorado Rockies going nowhere anytime soon. Hawkins, a seasoned closer whose career is drawing near its end. The potential to cash in on a dying arm that is over-achieving before the deadline. It’s almost too good to be true.

I guess Dick Monfort doesn’t see what a lot of other Rockies fans see. But then again when does he ever? The franchise believes in what Hawkins has done through the first half of the season. While he just doesn’t have the power to strike guys out, he has managed 17 saves on a ballclub that is rarely in the lead and has put up a solid 3.09 ERA.

For teams looking in, he looks like the perfect complement to the back end of a bullpen come late-August, September and October. Which is exactly why Hawkins’ bags should be packed and on the move.

If the Rockies don’t wind up trading Hawkins, there’s a great chance his over-achievement will abruptly end, and the value he could have fetched at the trade deadline will fall as far as the Rockies have in the NL West. And if I were a betting man, I’d bet on Hawkins’ return to earth before I’d bet he’d keep a 3.09 ERA the rest of the year.

The mess that is the Colorado Rockies continues to perplex. Little sense if any can be made when trying to understand how its front office works. It’s so chaotic that the seemingly obvious option to trade LaTroy Hawkins while he is over-valued has gone ignored.

So Rockies fans wait. A lot can happen in 24 hours. It’s that hope that has some thinking a lot of good can happen. Maybe the Rockies turn the corner and start building for the future. Others, far less optimistic, are expecting a whole lot of nothing. Which is exactly what the Rockies are on pace to achieve for the foreseeable future.