Baltimore Orioles: Evaluating the trade deadline

baltimore orioles

The Orioles acquired Red Sox reliever Andrew Miller in exchange for prospect Eduardo Rodriguez today.

With all of the major trades that took place before today’s 4:00 deadline, it’s often overshadowed that the Baltimore Orioles DID in fact make a move to help their team. A day after reportedly being on the verge of trading for Jon Lester, the Orioles acquired left handed reliever Andrew Miller from the Boston Red Sox in exchange for lefty pitching prospect, Eduardo Rodriguez.

The move is a solid one for the O’s, as Miller was one of the best bullpen arms on the market, and will provide another solid late inning option for the Orioles. Miller is currently 3-5 on the season, with a 2.34 ERA, and is only allowing a .168 batting average against him.

Miller provides even more depth to an already solid Orioles’ bullpen, and should see a lot of mid-to-late inning opportunities for the Orioles. Where Miller may be the most useful for the Orioles however, is in the postseason. Pitching is vital in the playoffs and a strong bullpen can make up for a lack of starting pitching, which may be needed for the Orioles to make a deep run.

The drawback of today’s trade deadline is not only that the Orioles missed out on top pitchers like David Price and Jon Lester, but also that the two biggest trades that took place benefited the teams that the Orioles are in direct contention with to make a deep run in the postseason. The Rays traded David Price for practically nothing, which in hindsight, makes it seem like the Orioles would have been able to give them a better deal than what they eventually got.

That being said, both the Tigers and the Athletics made significant moves today and upgraded their starting rotations. Personally, I believe the A’s move may turn out to hurt them more than help them, as they lost a major bat in their order, only to slightly upgrade their starting pitching (which was already the best in the league).

Another positive to take from the big trades today and how they effect the Orioles is that they were two pitchers who Baltimore is very familiar with, and has had success against as of late. Not to say facing a pitcher like Price or Lester in the postseason will be easy, but I fear facing Max Scherzer more than David Price when it comes down to it.

All in all, the Orioles had a slightly above average deadline as they acquired a player who will help them immediately, but they failed to make the key move they needed to up their chances at an AL pennant. They still will be able to compete with either Detroit or Oakland in the playoffs and should give both teams a solid series if it comes to that. Baltimore’s pitching has been as good as anybody’s the last month, and a key addition to the bullpen is just strengthening a strength for the Orioles, which is never a bad thing.