Horse Racing: Jewelled Wins…and a Seagull Second?

As you probably already know, I’ve been involved in the sport of Horse Racing, in some capacity, for 35 years now and I have to tell you I thought I’ve seen it all but evidently I haven’t.

Let me take you back to Thursday, July 8 at Brighton Racecourse in England.

Jewelled, an eight year old bay mare by Fantastic Light, had been trailing most of the way of a mile and a half race before jockey Richard Hughes implored his mare for more run on the turn for home and she responded.

She swept past the field and had everyone put away expect for Sagesse, who had been stalking the early pace and wasn’t about to yield so easily.

As a pair, they battled into deep stretch with Jewelled holding sway by a little more than a neck.

Of course, like every other racetrack in the world, the stewards looked at the photo finish photo anyway in order to make the race official….however, what they found was remarkable….Sagesse was not only beaten by Jewelled, but also a seagull.

In what is thought to be the first bird to be featured in the “official” photo-finish print for a horse race, a seagull was caught on camera soaring past the horse as they hit the wire.

Racecourse spokesman George Hill said: “We are about a mile and a half from the sea, and there are a lot of seagulls around, but this has never happened before as far as we are aware”.

“The bird just happened to be in the right place at the right time.” Lee McKenzie, who writes for the Racing Post, said: “Some race-goers thought the seagull should have been awarded second place”.

“It flew home up the final stretch and clearly beat the next horse by a long beak” McKenzie added. “Pity it wasn’t the next race on the card.”

The next race on the card was won by a horse named Byrd In Hand

I can’t make stuff like this up….

A Seagull gets the place spot??

A Seagull gets the place spot??