Iowa football: Two players leaving

Iowa football

Two players have decided to leave the Iowa football program leaving Ferentz to find someone to replace them.

Iowa players Nic Shimonek and Laron Taylor have decided to leave the program in pursuit of more playing time announced Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz at the Big Ten media days on Monday.

Shimonek is coming off his redshirt season and was the third string on the depth chart. It didn’t appear that he would receive any meaningful playing time at all this year as the first and second spots were already tightly held.

In fact, according to the coaches, Shimonek wasn’t close to taking the second string spot from C.J. Beathard. If anything, Beathard was closer to unseating starter Jake Rudock than Shimonek was from Beathard.

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Even if Shimonek waited for the players in front of him to graduate, he still wasn’t guaranteed to be starter then. Rudock graduates in two years, Beathard three, leaving Shimonek a redshirt senior when they both leave.

Shimonek then has to beat the other quarterbacks that will be on the roster by then. Four star recruit Tyler Wiegers is joining the program this fall and will be in the race. Added in the 2015 season are committed quarterbacks Ryan Boyle and Jack Beneventi. Both are higher rated than Shimonek was when he came out of high school so it would be no guarantee that Shimonek would have started if he waited for graduations at Iowa. has reported that Shimonek will be walking on to Texas Tech in hope for more playing time. I can’t fault him for deciding to transfer. You want your team to have quarterbacks who want to play, so when he saw no window for him in the future, he pulled the trigger. Hopefully he gets the chance to see the field often at Texas Tech.

Sophomore redshirt Laron Taylor has also decided to transfer although the reasons aren’t quite as clear. It has yet to be announced if he is planning on transferring to an FCS school, walking on somewhere, or quitting football altogether.

It would not be surprising at all if he was looking for more playing time though. He was never listed on the two deeps ever in his career. Taylor didn’t play a single snap for the Hawkeyes, even in the 59-3 blowout against Western Michigan.

In a very young linebacking corps, Taylor once again didn’t see his name listed in the two deeps. There wasn’t any buzz by the coaches about him at all either. It didn’t seem like he would see the field soon, or at all.

He came to Iowa as a two star recruit. Some recruiting sites had him listed at safety and others at linebacker. Iowa put him at linebacker, gaining 20 pounds in the meantime. Turns out that wasn’t enough to warrant consideration for starting.

Losing Taylor won’t hurt Iowa that much as it didn’t seem like he would see the field soon at all. Iowa already had younger players like Reggie Spearman and Josey Jewell passing him on the depth chart.

While it isn’t revealed what his plan is, I wish him and Shimonek the best of luck in their futures!