New York Giants: Training camp injury report

New York Giants

Odell Beckham Jr.

Entering week two of the New York Giants training camp it has become a discouraging waiting game. Aside from all of the good we have been distracted by the bad. First Odell Beckham Jr. and now David Wilson have all eyes on them awaiting to see what will come of their NFL careers. A lot is on the line and we would like to see them on the field sometime soon.

Beckham Jr. has sat out for his second week in a row at camp. His only efforts to “train” are catching balls thrown to him out of the JUGS machine. Tom Coughlin has had no problem expressing his deep frustration with Beckham’s hamstring injury and that is to be expected.

Beckham was the number one draft pick and one would hope for great things by now. They need to get him oriented with Ben McAdoo’s system and a lot still needs to be done. Coughlin’s frustration has been crossed in conversation unfortunately and they needed to clear the air. The two met up on Tuesday to uncross those signals and get a better understanding of where they both are coming from.

Beckham made it clear that he is doing all that he can to get himself back to practice and he too is frustrated by the whole ordeal. He feared he was giving people the wrong impression and that isn’t what he wants anyone to think.

With Beckham’s injured hamstring we just have to wait. It can change overnight and that’s all there is to it. He had to miss practice to met with a doctor on Monday and according to Beckham, “heavy inflammation and blood in the hamstring” is where we’re currently at.

David Wilson is another story that we still don’t understand. Back on October 6 of last year Wilson hurt his neck during a game against the Eagles and that injury is back to haunt us. He suffers from a spinal condition and to rectify it he received surgery in January and was cleared July 21 to get back to training.

New York Giants

David WIlson

Wilson was forced off the field Tuesday when he injured his neck again in what they are describing as a “burner.” A burner as defined by The American Academy of Orthopaedic surgeons is “an injury to the nerve supply of the upper arm, either at the neck or shoulder.” This injury came about during a noncontact practice where he ran into the back of guard Eric Herman with his head down.

Wilson is an asset to the team and when he is able to play running back he does it extremely well. The Giants weren’t sure if they were even getting him back this season and they said if they did it would be a bonus. They had him briefly, but now we aren’t so sure he’ll be back. He was escorted off the field but we hope to see him come back soon.

Both of these Giants are most likely going to be out for the preseason opener on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. Hopefully they can be up and running soon to make it to the remaining four preseason games.