New York Mets: did they win by not acting?

By now all the dust has settled from the trade deadline frenzy, and the New York Mets came out of it looking the same as they did going in. The Mets and General Manager Sandy Alderson did not make any moves despite there being rumors that players were available.

Now we have to answer the big question: was this the right decision? The way this season is going, yes. Despite what some people within the organization want to believe, the Mets are not quite ready to compete for a playoff spot. They’re close but this isn’t the year that it will happen.

That’s why it was good for the Mets not to commit to being “buyers”. There were talks about Troy Tulowitzki or Carlos Gonzalez and I was initially confused as to why they wouldn’t go after a cheaper shortstop like Asdrubal Cabrera, but in the end making moves like that now wouldn’t get this team where they need to be. Cabrera will be a free agent after this season and so there is still the ability for the Mets to add more pieces this offseason and Tulo and CarGo will likely still be available in the winter.

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The Mets could still choose to trade Bartolo Colon in August via waivers or in the offseason

There was also talk that the Mets could be “sellers” at the deadline. Bartolo Colon and Daniel Murphy were both thrown around as players who could be dealt. This season is not lost and the Mets have a good chance to finish around .500, which would be a big improvement over recent years. Murphy and Colon are both still under contract beyond this year, meaning that there was no reason to force a trade unless Alderson felt that he got an incredible offer. Once again there is the chance that trade talks could resume during this offseason and Colon is once again considered to be the most likely man to be traded, especially with Matt Harvey due to return for next year.

So it certainly seems like the right decision by Alderson. However, can we call it a win? Probably not. All three teams in front of the Mets in the standings, the Nationals, Braves and Marlins, made trades to get better. Washington acquired Cabrera, Atlanta acquired James Russell and Emilio Bonifacio and the Marlins acquired Jarred Cosart. Nobody can know the long term impact of these deals but if these three teams got better by addition, does it mean the Mets got worse by staying idle?

That’s tough to answer at this point but is a very real possibility. The Mets have more than 30 games left to play in their division so it should’t take too long to find out what the impact of these deals turns out to be within the playoff race.