San Francisco Giants: Why they made no Trades

The 2014 Trade Deadline was one of the best in recent memory. It saw the Oakland A’s and Detroit Tigers exchange jabs in an arms race for American League supremacy. It saw the St. Louis Cardinals improve themselves with the acquisitions of John Lackey and Justin Masterson. It also saw the San Francisco Giants and Dodgers surprisingly stand pat and do nothing. What was the Giants reason for this?


The Giants looked at acquiring Alex Rios but no deal materialized.

The Giants, as recently as an hour before the deadline ended, were talking to the Texas Rangers about outfielder Alex Rios. However, they failed to pull the trigger on a deal. The price tag on Rios was unknown, but considering the Giants lack of quality trade assets a deal most likely would center around Kyle Crick or Andrew Susac, who the Giants weren’t ready to part ways with at this point.

The Giants also inquired about utility outfielder/infielder Emilio Bonifacio who would have been a great fit for the team. However, according to many Giants sources in order to get Bonifacio and reliever James Russell, who were a package deal, it would have taken prospects the Giants weren’t willing to part with.

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The Giants also looked at upgrading second base, but the price tag for Emilio Bonifacio was too high. (USATSI)

The Giants lack of farm system depth and quality major league ready talent is what hindered them from making a deal. The Giants big deal was Jake Peavy, which isn’t a terrible deal, but isn’t a deal with Jeff Samardijza, Jon Lester or David Price implications.

However, you would have thought that the Giants would deal for someone like Bonifacio, but the price tag was apparently too much. Giants General Manager Brian Sabean said “ It’s better to not make a deal, than make a bad deal.” Sabean said this numerous times when asked about it after the deadline passed. It’s clear that the Giants felt that acquiring a player at the deadline would be too expensive or wouldn’t help the team.

The Giants could very easily still claim a player who clears waivers much like they did with Cody Ross in 2010 or they could go the Dan Uggla approach and sign a player who is released by their former club. However, it’s unknown what players might come available. The Giants also have Angel Pagan and Brandon Belt returning within the next week so they are hoping that both of those guys come back and help them make the playoffs.

This team has it’s flaws, but the advantage for the Giants is that every other team in the National League is flawed including the Dodgers, although they are the most well rounded team in the National League RIGHT NOW, although things change.