Boston Celtics: Kevin Love will not be a Celtic

With the Timberwolves stating that Kevin Love will be traded by the end of the month, the speculation of where he will end up will finally be over. I have written a lot about Love this summer, including articles about how the Boston Celtics should trade for Love and that getting Love would make the Celtics a contender.

That pipe dream is over. In all likelihood, Love will be a Cavalier by the end of the month. But before that is finalized, let’s look at the possible destinations and the probability love ends up on that team.

Cleveland Cavaliers – 90% chance

Kevin Love and LeBron James

Kevin Love and LeBron James

This is happening folks. It isn’t a coincidence that the date the Timberwolves expect a deal to be done coincides with the 30 days the Cavs have to wait before they trade Andrew Wiggins. We need to all become comfortable in a world in which the Cavaliers didn’t mess a situation up and where we associate Cleveland with greatness.

It’s incredible to look back over the last year, consider all the ways the Cavaliers screwed up, and then to see the result is the Cavs landing LeBron James and Kevin Love. I think this is what my parents were referring to when they told me that life isn’t fair.

Golden State Warriors – 5% chance

When all is said and done, and Love is starting for the Cavs, we will look back on how the Warriors handled this situation in complete disbelief. The Warriors could have had Love on their team months ago, had they agreed to give up Klay Thompson.

Thompson is nice and all, but regardless of the situation the team is in, trading Thompson for Love is a no-brainer. Love is by some metrics, one of the top five players in the league. Thompson will be lucky if he makes a couple All-Star teams during his career. The Warriors will be kicking themselves next year when they exit the playoffs in the first round and go on to watch Love play in the finals.

Chicago Bulls – 4% chance

The Bulls have to be excited with what they are seeing from Derrick Rose during the USA practices and scrimmages. If Rose can stay healthy, they will be at the top of the East. The Bulls may not have a better chance than this year to contend for a title, so they should be giving up whatever Minnesota wants to land Love. Rose, Love, and Joakim Noah wouldn’t instantly conjure up comparisons to contemporary Big Threes, but that is a deadly combination of offense and defense. They may not need Love to contend for a title, but Love would almost guarantee a spot in at least the Easter Conference Finals.

Boston CelticsĀ  – 1% chance

It was fun while it lasted. The images of Love mulling around Boston lighted a fire with fans and unfortunately, the draft doused the fire to a pile of smoldering embers. If Minnesota was willing to enter a deep rebuild, the Celtics have the best assets in terms of draft picks, but they don’t have the right players. Rondo would be a possibility, but he is a free agent at the end of the year, and there is no chance he resigns with Minnesota. This possibility was dead as soon as the draft order was announced.